Bilgri Patching and Covering Methods

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Bilgri Patching and Covering Methods

Post by KirtB » Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:48 pm

Bilgri Patching and Covering Methods, March 1971 American Aircraft Modeler

Indoor airplane models covered with microfilm seem to have always been for a very particular, dedicated group of modelers who possess the patience, steady hands, and eyesight to build and maintain very delicate structures. A directed sneeze can literally blow them to pieces. It is an aspect of aeromodelling into which I have never ventured. Mr. Joseph Bilgri, AMA #4393, was a contest-winning pioneer of the craft. The AMA History Project has a biography of Joe that is worth reading if you have an interest in indoor modeling. Of course today, with the advent of nano-size ...
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