Ace All Star Biplane

Ace All Star biplane advertisement from 1974 American Aircraft Modeler magazine - Airplanes and RocketsMy Ace All Star biplane was built while I was stationed at Robins Air Force Base, in Warner Robins, Georgia (just south of Macon). Being mostly foam, it built quickly. I put an OS .15 engine up front, and three channels worth of radio into it. The memory of the All Star is not very clear, although I do remember flying it in a field somewhere out on the back 40 (more like back 400 acres). It lost its life during some dumb low-level maneuver, and went down really far away. That involved walking through a lot of tall grass, in Georgia, where snakes and even alligators were not uncommon. I seriously considered just leaving it there, but the cheapness overpowered the chicken-ness in me and I cautiously waded over to it. I snatched it up and made like an F-15 back to where I was standing, figuring that if there was anything in the path, it would have devoured or bitten me on the way in.

Ace All Star biplane found on an RC forum website - Airplanes and RocketsTo the right is an Ace All Star biplane advertisement from a 1974 edition of American Aircraft Modeler magazine. Below is a picture I found on one of the RC forums.