Shark 35 Control Line Airplane Plans

July 1961 American Modeler

July 1961 American Modeler magazine cover Table of Contents

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Lew McFarland's series of 'Shark' control line stunters are favorites to many vintage and classic design flyers. They were all very simple to build and were excellent fliers. The Shark 15, which featured a profile fuselage and built-up wing with flaps, was my first 'real' stunt airplane, and my first control line model that used an engine larger than the Cox .049. Jetco produced the Shark 15 and the Shark 45 kits, but to my knowledge the Shark 35 never made it to production. I didn't even know it existed until I saw these plans in the July 1961 issue of American Modeler.

Technically, these probably are not really qualified as plans since they do not shown all the rib patterns or fuselage formers, but you could certainly still build one from his drawing. Specifications are provided for both the '35' and the '45' versions. The Shark 35 has a 52" wingspan with 575 sq. in. of wing area, and the Shark 45 has a 59" wingspan with 700 sq. in. of wing area.

Shark 35 Plans



Posted August 6, 2016