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Minolta XG-1 35 mm SLR Camera
Minolta XG-1 35 mm SLR Camera - Airplanes and RocketsHere is my Minolta XG-1 35 mm SLR camera that I used for many years to take astrophotos. Of course it was also used for regular photography, and that is why the other accessories are there.
Since I unfortunately do not even own a telescope at this point, and all of my regular photography is being done with a Canon digital camera, I figure it is best to sell this setup to somebody who can put it to good use. Everything is still in excellent shape as far as I can tell. I put fresh batteries in the camera to make sure it still works.
Detailed pictures of the critical information are provided below.
Minolta XG-1 35 mm SLR CameraHere is what is included in the "package."
Qty 1   Minolta XG-1 35 mm SLR Camera
Qty 1   Focal 28-80 mm Zoom Lens
Qty 1   Minolta 50 mm Lens
Qty 1   Vivitar Adjustable Flash (& cable)
Qty 1   Meade Camera Eyepiece Adapter
Qty 1   Cable Release
Qty 1   Lens Air Brush
Qty 1   Camera Strap
This camera and accessories have been sold.

Vivitar Flash Focal Zoom Lens Focal Zoom Lens Standard Lens

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