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Featured Article from Pre-1922 Newspapers

Model Airplane Building

November 18, 1922, "The Daily Times," Davenport, Iowa

How to Build the Motor-Base

This is lesson 3 of 8 which will tell how any boy can make a complete model airplane which will fly under its own power. 'Warren DeLancey, writer of the articles, was formerly president of the Illinois Model Aero Club, a group of boys who build and fly their own models and who hold nine of the ten world's records for model airplane flying. Clip these articles until you have the complete set, including the directions for flying your machine.

How to Build the Motor-Base - Airplanes and RocketsThe drawing above shows the motor-base of the model aeroplane complete with the tail-plane and rudder. Also at the front the skids are shown which act as the chassis of the airplane and from which the model will rise from the ground under its own power at the start of a flight.

The motor-base is made of a stick of white pine which is sawed and planed smooth to a piece 12 inches long, 3-16 inch wide, and 1-16 inch thick.

Make Bamboo Frame

The framework for the tail-plane and rudder and also the wooden landing skids are split from bamboo such as can be had from an ordinary fishpole. This wood can be easily split with the grain straight by means of a jack-knife. The pith on the inside should be cut away and the hard outside shell cut off, then the stick split down until it is about the size of the large end of a tooth-pick. Do not try to split through knots in the bamboo, rather use a piece cut from between the knots.

Take a piece of this split bamboo just 6 inches long and mark the middle. Put a drop of household glue here and bind the stick to the edge of one end of the piece cut for the motor-base. Bind it at right angles to the larger piece with silk thread.

Rudder is Triangular

Measure 2 inches forward on the motor-base and mark the point. From here tow pieces of bamboo extend to the tips of the first piece. Glue and bind in position. This forms the triangular framework for the tail-plane shown in the drawing.

Fro the rudder a piece of bamboo 3 inches long is bound so as to extend straight to the rear of the motor-base. Directly behind the motor-base a piece 2 inches long is bound upright to this and a third piece connects the tips of the other two. This forms the triangular rudder. Make all joints with glue and silk thread. A careful study of the drawing will give a better idea of the arrangement of the tail-planes, which are now completed.


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