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Action A'Plenty at Experimental "Fly-In"
January 1961 American Modeler

January 1961 American Modeler
January 1961 American Modeler Cover - Airplanes and RocketsTable of Contents

These pages from vintage modeling magazines like Flying Aces, Air Trails, American Modeler, American Aircraft Modeler, Young Men, Flying Models, Model Airplane News, R/C Modeler, captured the era. All copyrights acknowledged.

This 1960 Fly-In held by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) marks its 8th event. Before the well-known Oshkosh, Wisconsin location became the de facto venue, the Fly-Ins were held at Greater Rockford, Illinois, Airport. I'm not sure whether the original EAA charter included restored aircraft or if it was constrained to home-builts. All the airplanes shown in this 1961 issue of American Modeler magazine are home-builts. At the time, the EAA boasted a membership of 9,000 consisting of 100 local chapters. Today, they claim more than 200,000 members worldwide. That's a factor of 22 in 58 years, which is the equivalent of a steady annual growth of about 5.5% over that period. To wit:  9,000 * 1.055^58 = 200,856.

Action A'Plenty at Experimental "Fly-In"

Action A'Plenty at Experimental "Fly-In", January 1961 American Modeler Magazine - Airplanes and RocketsPhotographed by Howard Levy at Rockford, Ill.

When the Experimental Aircraft Association (9,000 members, 100 chapters throughout the world) held its 8th annual "Fly-In" at Greater Rockford, Ill., Airport, 1,480 members registered, coming from the U.S., Canada, Alaska, New Zealand, and India. Eighty-three home-built aircraft appeared, the majority flown-in, some towed, or on trailers, because of travel distance, or unfinished state. Six incomplete helicopters and autogiros built from plans were exhibited. The EAA "towable" design competition was extended for 2 years since only 2 of these craft were completed, and they did not meet the required flight status of 50 hours. EAA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of aeronautical education, home built aircraft, and private flying. During the first 9 months of 1960, membership increased 25% over '59.

Bryan II, second roadable aircraft by Leland D. Bry - Airplanes and RocketsBryan II (left), second roadable aircraft by Leland D. Bryan, is single-seater, all-metal pusher with twin booms and folding wings, capable of traveling on highways under its own power ... where local regulations permit. Has flown 65 hours, done 1,000 miles over the road on its own engine.

Glad-Juan named after two "EAA Widows" - Airplanes and RocketsGlad-Juan (right) is named after two "EAA Widows" (Gladys and Juanita), wives of Massachusetts EAA'ers Joseph Rogers an" Charles Grow. Basically a Model C "Baby Ace" this job sports modified Wittman nose gear. Aft wing strut repositioned on body. Completed in 18 months; cost $1,100. Tops 108 mph with Continental A-65-8.

Trefethen Stits "Playboy" SA-3A - Airplanes and RocketsTrefethen Stits "Playboy" SA-3A (left) was built by Joan Trefethen, mother of 3. Joan added bubble canopy for 360 degree visibility. On 85 hp Continental cruises at 120 mph; top speed 142. EAA President Paul Poberezny completed "Pober Sport" (right) after 3 years work and $1,500. Spans 23 1/2 feet, 18 1/2 feet long. Gross weight 1,055 lbs. Cruises at 115 mph, tops 125 with 85 hp Continental.

"Little Monster" original by Charles A. Wood - Airplanes and Rockets

"Little Monster" (right) is original by Charles A. Wood using some Cub components. Seats 1; spans 25' 9"; length 19'. Gross weight 950 lbs. Cruises at 95 mph, top is 120 with Continental A-65-8 power. Service ceiling 12,000 ft.

"Our Lady" was constructed for $750 by Joseph Coser and John Oonk - Airplanes and Rockets"Our Lady" (left) was constructed for $750 by Joseph Coser and John Oonk. Fuselage from cockpit aft is Luscombe tailcone, rebuilt and narrowed. Wings are inboard sections from Luscombe; ailerons and tail assembly cut-down from Luscombe. Spans 19 1/2 feet; tops 125 with Continental A-75.

N21778 Player PN-55 built 20 years ago by William E. Player - Airplanes and RocketsN21778 (right) is Player PN-55 built 20 years ago by William E. Player of Salt Lake City for $500 (ah, those good old low-cost days!). With 65 hp Continental top speed is 100 mph, cruises at 87, lands at 50. Seats 1, gross weight 800 lbs. Spans 30 feet, length 19 1/2 feet. Geodetic fuselage.

"Tiny Champ" by Bill Warwick - Airplanes and Rockets"Tiny Champ" (left) can be converted to open parasol type by removing doors and turtleback fairing. Built by Bill Warwick in 18 months at cost of $1,200. Uses Continental A-65., cruises at 105 mph, tops 115. Gross weight 831 lbs. Spans 20 feet; length 19 feet. Ceiling 8,000 ft.; range 250 miles.

Wittman W-9L "B Gosh" is by Steve Wittman - Airplanes and RocketsWittman W-9L "B Gosh" (right) is by Steve Wittman, Oshkosh, Wisc., popular "Old Man" of pylon midget racing who has had strong influence on home-built movement. W-9L uses basic "Tailwind" airframe although front fuselage and tail have been beefed up for larger 160 hp Lycoming which gives top speed of 200 mph, cruising of 175. Lands at 60 mph. Gross weight 1,400 lbs; seats two side-by-side.

Modified "Playboy" by Ed Emanuel - Airplanes and RocketsModified "Playboy" by Ed Emanuel (left) has wings clipped 1 foot at each end, fiberglass endplates, altered tail, fiberglass pants, own design canopy, gorgeous finish. Took 3 1/2 years, $2,100. Continental 85-12FJH gives top speed of 135 mph; cruises at 120, lands at 50. Range 250 miles; rate of climb 1,000'/min. Wing all-wood with fabric cover; fuselage and tail, steel tube.

Everett "Squeek" Hepler "Baby Ace" - Airplanes and RocketsEverett "Squeek" Hepler constructed this "Baby Ace" (right) for $585 in 11 months, then rebuilt craft to incorporate new Square Model D tail, squared wing tips, closed cowling. Has logged more than 170 hours. Continental A-65-8 gives top speed of 120 mph, cruises at 100. Range 250 miles; rate of climb 1,000'/min. Wings, wood, fuselage and tail steel tube - all fabric covered.

Maule "Bee Dee" M-4 by B. D. Maule - Airplanes and RocketsFour-seater (left) is Maule "Bee Dee" M-4 by airport operator-tailwheel manufacturer B. D. Maule. Test program for Approved Type Certificate nearly complete. Continental 145 hp gives top speed of 158;  cruises at 150.

"Chuparosa" (Hummingbird) by Ray Hegy - Airplanes and Rockets"Chuparosa" (Hummingbird, right) by Ray Hegy, Marfa, Texas, cabinet furniture man, was one of smallest ships at Rockford. Little bipe spans 13 feet, length 14 feet. Continental A-65 gives top speed of 150 mph. Will be detailed in Spring 1961 "Air Progress."



Posted March 30, 2019

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