July 1960 Popular Electronics
Table of Contents

July 1960 Popular Electronics

July 1960 Popular Electronics Cover - Airplanes and Roclets [Table of Contents]

People old and young enjoy waxing nostalgic about and learning some of the history of early electronics. Popular Electronics was published from October 1954 through April 1985. As time permits, I will be glad to scan articles for you. All copyrights (if any) are hereby acknowledged.


July 1960
Vol. 13, No. 1


FCC Report, by Robert E. Tall 8
Operation Radio Control 39
One Transistor Pocket Radio, Alvin Mason 43
Magnetic Amplifiers - How They Work, What They Do,
     Ken Gilmore


Here is a list of all available Popular Electronics articles.


July 1960  Popular Electronics Table of Contents - Airplanes and Rockets


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