Model Aircraft Covering Weight Comparison

When deciding which type of covering to apply to a model airplane structure, it would be helpful to have a table of covering density for comparison. Here is such a table which shows, for instance, that 21st Century Fabric is the heaviest type of covering you can use. MicroLite covering is the lightest weight. Not shown are dope or paint because finished weights are so dependent on substrate type (silk, Silkspan, tissue, etc.), paint or dope type, and number/thickness of coats. To calculate the covering weight, multiply the density by the total surface area of your model.


Name Density
(oz/ft2) (oz/yd2)
Monokote* 0.20 1.8 TopFlite
Econokote 0.20 1.8
CoverLite 0.10 0.89 Coverite
MicroLite 0.07 0.60
21st Century Fabric 0.34 3.1
21st Century Film    
Black Baron 0.25 2.25
MicaFilm 0.14 1.25
TowerKote 0.20 1.8 Tower Hobbies
LighTex 0.20 1.8 World Models
ToughLon 0.27 2.43


* Opaque, transparent, pearl, metallic