Control Line Stunt Pattern Flown at Hobby Park, NC

I don't recall ever seeing a video of the AMA control line stunt pattern being flown while a narrator announces each maneuver and describes how it should look. BJM Enterprises owner Bill Mandakis tells the story while I video the flight. Bill is an avid C/L stunt flier and meets a couple times a week with a local cadre of club members at Hobby Park in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Enterprise-E from BJM EnterprisesAs time permits (which unfortunately is not very often), I am currently building an electric-powered Enterprise-E control line model that was designed by and is kitted by Bill. Conveniently, he lives just a couple miles from me, so sage advice is available when needed. The wing is on the building board now and is going together nicely. I bought the motor, controller, and battery setup that was specified uniquely for the Enterprise-E. A full write--up on the process, along with photos, will be posted once it is complete, so stay tuned. 

I will eventually have a complete write-up of the Enterprise-E construction project, but for now you can follow the progress by the photos posted.


Bill Mandakis Narrates While the AMA Stunt Pattern Is Flown



Posted August 2, 2014