The Air Race, a 1933 Willie Whopper Cartoon

The Air Race, a 1933 Willie Whopper Cartoon - Airplanes and Rockets1933 was just six years after Charles Lindbergh's New York to Paris flight and a time of great enthusiasm for the newfound realm of human flight. Magazines, movies, cartoons, and hobby shops were rife with airplane themes. Early Warner Brothers (e.g., Bugs Bunny) and Walt Disney (e.g., Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse) productions often featured airplanes. Even the U.S. Navy used cartoons to train aviators. Many of the toys and magazines of the era are now worth a lot of money on eBay. The cartoon shown here is a 1933 Willie Whopper production titled, "The Air Race" (UbIwerks, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer). It does a good job of representing the era of invention and accomplishment on the part of designers, builders and flyers, and the awe of spectators admiring the aforementioned.

I have also included a few other early aviation-themed cartoons below. Enjoy.

The video is hosted on the website.

The Air Race, a 1933 Willie Whopper Cartoon



Bugs Bunny in the Army - The Falling Hare



Bugs Bunny WWII Anti-Japanese Propaganda



Plane Crazy Mickey Mouse Classic Walt Disney 1928 



Aircraft Carrier Landings - 1946 - Navy Training Cartoon



Donald Duck - Flying Jalopy (1943)





Posted May 28, 2012