Video of a V-12 R/C Engine

V-12 R/C model engine - Airplanes and RocketsHow cool would a V-12 R/C model engine be? It would be perfect in the nose a P-51 Mustang. Here is a video of one built by German modelers Mr. Drendel and Mr. Weitzel. Here are the specifications from the their website:

Stroke: 20 mm
Bore: 25mm
Capacity: 118 cc
Compression: 10:1
Cylinders: 12
Crankshaft: built ball bearings 8x
Control: 4T, 2 Nockenw., 24 valves
Cooling: Water cooling
Fuel type: Methanol
Ignition: Glow
Lubrication: Mixture
Weight: 6900g
Width: 130 mm (without exhaust pipe)
Height: approx.145 mm
Length: 300mm (incl. hub)
Power: Propeller 28x8?? Rpm

Here a link to the builder's website:





Posted December 20, 2010