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Even during the busiest times of my life I have endeavored to maintain some form of model building activity. This site has been created to help me chronicle my journey through a lifelong involvement in model aviation, which all began in Mayo, MD ...

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Items for Sale

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Modeling items for sale - Airplanes and RocketsDue to a change in life status, I want to sell a few items from my modest collection of aeromodeling things I had as a youngster. All are in new or like-new condition and are priced very fairly.

Prices are firm, so please do not ask for a reduction. Buyer pays all shipping & insurance costs.

Please send me an e-mail with your zip code for obtaining a shipping + insurance price. Minimum $20 purchase, please. PayPal is available if you want to use a credit card.

Blade 230 S V2 R/C Helicopter and Spektrum DX6 G3 R/C System

My Blade 230 S V2 R/C Helicopter and Spektrum DX6 G3 R/C System are for sale as a package deal at a bargain price.

This video shows the heli and radio in use on May 7th, just prior to packing everything into the original boxes. I promise you it is in excellent condition and ready to fly. The helicopter has never had a crack-up and has always been flown with the training gear, both inside and outside, so even the rotor blades are excellent.

I have put about 75 flights on it using the two 800 mAh LiPos. The training gear is NOT included because it would make the shipping package much larger and more expensive. The canopy has a couple cracks at the attachment points, but CA glue and reinforcements has taken care of it. The Blade 230 S firmware from E-flight is loaded into the transmitter. The program has been customized a little for blade pitch. I have only flown this Blade 230 S in Stability mode so I do not know how it performs in other modes. There are plenty of videos available of people putting it through the paces. In my opinion this is a very nice helicopter and is suitable for use as a trainer when flown in the Stability mode.

I bought the setup mainly to prove to myself that I can still fly an R/C heli after about a decade-long hiatus, but my primary interest is still airplanes.


Blade 230 S V2 BNF Basic with SAFE ($229.99), two (2) 11.1 V 800 mAh 3S 30C LiPo batteries ($13.99 each = $27.98), Tail Rotors (set of 3, never used, $5.99). Total New = $263.96.


This is the newest version (G3) of the Spektrum DX6 transmitter ($259.99), and it comes with the never-used AR6600T telemetry receiver ($69.99) and the SPMA9602 2,000 mAh LiPo battery ($34.99). Note: This is NOT the cheaper DX6e Tx.

Total New = $364.97.

Battery charger and training gear (4mm carbon fiber rods & whiffle golf balls) are NOT included. If you do a pick-up in Erie, PA, I'll be glad to do a demo flight.

Total Cost to Buy Everything New = $628.93 (per current Horizon Hobby prices)


Estes 'Alpha' Rocket Kit

Estes Alpha rocket kit for sale - Airplanes and RocketsThis a newer Alpha rocket kit with the plastic fins and nose cone for faster assembly. A few miscellaneous items are included as well.  Only $8.




2 GByte RAM SIMMs for Notebook Computer

2 GByte RAM SIMMs for Notebook Computer - Airplanes and RocketsThese two 2 GByte RAM modules came out of my HP DV6T notebook computer when they were replaced with 4 GByte models. They were both in excellent condition at the time, and were handled using ESD precautions, including wearing a wrist strap.  Only $5 for the pair (4 GBytes total).


Multi-Sander Contour Tool

Great Planes 11" Multi-Sander Tool (end) - Airplanes and RocketsGreat Planes 11" Multi-Sander Tool (bottom) - Airplanes and RocketsThis Great Planes 11" long Multi-Sander Contour Tool has three pre-shaped sanding surfaces built into it. Sandpaper is fit into the different contours to give some of the most common Great Planes 11" Multi-Sander Tool (top) - Airplanes and Rocketscontrol surface shapes, this helps the builder keep the sanded surface consistent along the entire length of the wing. Like new.  Only $5.



MonoKote SmartCut Trim Tool

MonoKote SmartCut Trim Tool for sale - Airplanes and RocketsThis MonoKote SmartCut Trim Tool uses a pair of X-acto #11 blades for making clean, straight cuts in covering material. I have used it with success on Mylar and even Silkspan covering. It is in excellent condition.  Only $4.