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Great Planes Uproar

Great Planes UproarA Great Planes Uproar. This model has a GMS .40 ball-bearing glow engine, and swings a 10x6 propeller at over 15,000 rpm. There are 5 Futaba servos, a receiver, and a 600 mAh battery pack onboard. The Monokote color scheme was taken from the Sig Super Chipmunk control line model. The bottom is all black & white checkerboard, so the contrast between top and bottom is about as stark as you can get. Because the engine is so heavy, I needed to cut a separate hatch for locating the receiver and battery pack about 4 inches behind the trailing edge of the wing (didn't want to have to add dead weight just for balancing purposes). The final weight is embarrassingly about 2 ounces of the listed maximum, but that is because of the ridiculously heavy GMS engine/muffler combination.
Model Aviation Magazine, AMA - Airplanes and Rockets

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