Mad Modelers' Slot Racer
September/October 1963 American Modeler

Sep/Oct 1963 American Modeler
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Slot car racing used to be a big deal back before battery-powered radio control cars became inexpensive and readily available. Many hobby shops, including one I used to frequent in Laurel, Maryland, had slot car tracks set up for patrons to use. I think we paid something like a dollar for half an hour. You could either bring your own car, or rent one from the hobby shop. As with any activity, certain stereotypes are created and stick with slot car racers and their creations. This set of comics from a 1963 edition of American Modeler documents some of those things.

Mad Modelers' Slot Racer

Slingshot Dragster - Designed to shoot itself across finish line!

Cut-Em-Off-At-The-Pass Special - Great for 90° intersections. Four entry fees required.

A Real Dog - Slowest car on the track.

Radio Controlled "Sure-Winner"

Designed to lay its own track across existing roadways.

Saw Tooth Wonder

Registers 11 laps when passing electric lap counter - trailer, for real lazy drivers - adds 5 more laps. For pin-actuated lap counters try the Multi-Pinned Wonder

Four-Pinned Stopper - Once you take the lead it's guaranteed to prevent anyone from passing.

Spin-Proof Sport

With center-mounted guide pin it never spins out.

What-Zit Car - Doesn't run, but keeps everybody guessing.

Giant Pin Car - For top efficiency entire vehicle is shaped like a guide pin.

Mad Modelers' Slot Racer, from September/October 1963 American Modeler Magazine - Airplanes and Rockets



Posted July 11, 2015