Carl Goldberg Mirage 550

Mirage 550
Kit Number: 42
Wingspan: 54"
Wing Area: 464 Sq."
Flying Weight: 45- 50 oz.
Fuse Length: 39"
Radio: 2 to 3-Channel
Power: .05 Electric

(In Degrees)

Wing: 0
Tail: .5
Engine: Right 2.5
Down 3.5
Aileron: None
Elevator: 1/2"
Rudder: 1/2"
 Center of Gravity

Balance Point on fuse,

measured back from

wing leading edge

2-7/8" to 3-3/8"

Kirt with Carl Goldberg Mirage 550, Fairfield, OH 2000 - Airplanes and RocketsThis Carl Goldberg Electra was my first foray into electric-powered RC flight aside from a powered glider (Great Planes Spectra). It used a direct-drive .05 electric motor with an 8-cell, 1200 mAh NiCad battery pack. The beast was heavy and flew very fast - too fast in my opinion to really call it a trainer. It handled well, but was certainly not the "floater" that I thought it would be. I planned to use it for giving Philip some stick time on something other than a glider, but instead I flew it a few times and sold it to a nice guy at work.



Carl Goldberg Mirage 550