Sig Super Chipmunk C/L Model

Sig Super Chipmunk C/L Kit Contents - Airplanes and RocketsThe Sig Super Chipmunk is in the same class as Sig's Akrobat control line stunter. Both are contest winners of their day, and can compete handily with today's crop of contest airplanes.

This particular kit was gotten off of eBay, and is in excellent condition throughout. It had the original plastic on the box when I received it. I cannot find a manufacturing date anywhere, but the instruction booklet copyright is 1977. The plans sheet is huge. The decals are in very nice condition and include a sheet of white stars as well as the Pennzoil designs. Here is the pièce de résistance - it has the original Silkspan covering. That alone adds real uniqueness since you cannot even buy true Silkspan anymore.

A while back, I began bidding on a lot of the models that I had during my youthful days in Mayo, Maryland. This was one of them. My plan was to try to collect as many as possible and build them as I remember them. My situation has changed and now I have decided to offer them to some worthy soul(s) so that they can do what I had intended, only without having to suffer the anxiety and often the disappointment of playing the eBay game.

Sig Super Chipmunk control line stunter - Airplanes and Rockets

Wingspan = 53"        Engine = .29 to .40