Venus / Moon Conjunction of 2012

Venus had a very close conjunction with the moon on March 26, 2012. The image below was captured at around 2:38 PM EDT from my driveway in Erie, Pennsylvania. Venus is slightly east of the 3.8-day-old moon, and is about 4 moon diameters (~0.5°) away, so it is just a little more than 2° away! Ata brightness magnitude of -4.3, Venus was easily seen in the clear daytime sky. Jupiter, farther west, was also easy to spot in my 8x40 binoculars, but I never could see its magnitude -2.1 dot with the naked eye.

Close Conjunstion of Venus and the Moon, March 26, 2012 - Airplanes & Rockets

Venus - Moon Conjunction - March 26, 2012



Posted April 5, 2012