Riverside Aeromodelers (RAMS) 2014 Swap Meet
August 2, 2014 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Riverside Aero Modelers logoThe Riverside Aeromodelers (RAMS) flying club hosts a major swap meet meet each year at the Winston-Salem, NC Fairgrounds. I was surprised to learn that it was only the eighth in a series, because back in 2007 I rented a table at it to sell some of my stuff, so that must have been only the first or second event. I managed to sell my electric-powered Mini Pulse XT and R/C gear, and a couple spare engines. Melanie and I just moved back to NC after being away for six years and decided to attend. My main interest at this point is control line, but I only saw one C/L model for sale (no surprise since RAMS is an R/C club). I did find a couple pieces of hardware for a good price, though. It is a safe bet by now that I did not win either of the raffles because no phone call has been received. Here are some photos of what was there.

If you see something in these photos that you are interested in, try calling someone listed on the RAMS club website to try contacting the vendor in case it is still available.





Posted August 2, 2014