Futaba 7C FASST 7-Channel Radio Control System

Futaba 7C FASST 7-Channel Radio Control System for Sale - Airplanes and Rockets

The Futaba 7C-2.4GHz 7-channel FASST radio control system consists of a computerized T7C-2.4G transmitter (w/NiCad installed) programmable for airplanes or helicopters, and a matching R617FS receiver. It also came with a plug-in wall charger for the Tx (came with NiCads in Tx) and Rx battery pack (purchased separately, did not come with Rx NiCads), and a neck strap. No servos came with the system. I had this Futaba 7C in a sailplane and only made about a dozen flights with it.

As the photos show, the receiver battery is not in its original flat pack configuration because I needed to reconfigure it into a square-ish (more like a diamond cross-section) pack to fit in the nose of a glider.

The full user's manual can be seen at the following URL. It details programming for many airplane and helicopter configurations -  https://manuals.hobbico.com/fut/7c-2_4ghz-manual.pdf



Posted August 14, 2016