RealFlight Mobile R/C Flight Simulator - FREE!

RealFlight Mobile - Airplanes and Rockets

If anything has tempted me to finally get a smartphone or a tablet, this new FREE R/C flight simulator offering by RealFlight is it! This is at the same time a great public relations campaign and a slick advertising tool to get people hooked and want to buy the full PC version (that I've had). Click one of the icons below to download the software free either for your iOS or Android device. 

The RealFlight Mobile app features Beginner, Intermediate & Realistic presets, a Help menu showing controls and versions, onscreen "joysticks" for easy control, volume adjustment, 2 camera modes, controller adjustments and sensitivity, physics adjustments, autopilot assist, and much more.

RealFlight Mobile comes with a flying site and two popular R/C aircraft already loaded. Additional flying sites and aircraft are already available download.

RealFlight Mobile Screen Capture - Airplanes and Rockets


Posted November 22, 2014