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DynaJet Engine Ad

The Best Engine You Can Buy


The Super Engine

Speed! 179.03 mph official AMA World Record! Guaranteed to develop over 4 1/4 lb. Static Thrust, the equivalent of more thon 2 Hp. exerted at 125 mph with 70% propeller efficiency! Compact! Maximum diameter is only 2 1/2", overall length 21 1/2", and weighs only 16 ounces! Sport! The easiest starting and most reliable engine ever built. No propeller to break. No ignition system to burden your model ... no fuel to mix ... runs best on plain gasoline without oil! Guaranteed! 1. To start easily with hand tire pump. 2. To equal or exceed advertised power. 3. Against defective material or workmanship. $35.00: At your dealers. If he can't supply, order direct. Immediate delivery! Model Kits! "Dyna-Streak by Jetco.

"Squirt" by Berkeley. New kits in preparation by other mfr's. At your dealers.

The Dyna-Jet

Red Head

Famous Jet Miniature Gasoline Engine

Popularity Proved!

The Hit of the 1948 Contests

the more people see Dyna-Jet in action the more people buy Dyna-Jet. Two years on the market and today more popular than ever. The center of attraction wherever it is used!

Officially Accepted

AMA Record

179.03 M.P.H.

Officially accepted by AMA for all contests and as holder of the world speed record. Accepted by Airplane Kit builders. Owner acceptance ... Just ask the man who owns one!

World's Most Economical!

Will Not Wear Out

No propellers to break ... no bearings or pistons to wear out! Constant high re-sale value! Savings can more than make up the difference in cost between Dyna-Jet and cheaper engines in only one season's flying! Your most economical buy!

Aeromarine Company

Dayton Municipal Apt., Vandalia, Ohio