The 19th Model Nationals
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October 1950 Air Trails
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The 19th Model Nationals

Texas vs. the U.S.!

First Day's Registration by States

World War 1 Taube is nifty free flight semi-scale model

Wing panels & stabilizer removable

1/2A engine

Slight polyhedral

Built by Ted Enticknap, Auburn, Wash.

Paul Johnson, Des Moines, Iowa

R. C. model rudder with swept hinge line imparts upward movement for safe turns

Designed by Al Perkins, Dallas, Tex.

205 wing area

Swept-wing Cl. D rubber model has promising performance - wing fins aid glide

10% R.A.F. 32 wing section

17" dia. prop

Heavy-duty, ball bearing winder used by Californians - Winding loop attachment

Bill Berge, Freeport, N.Y.

Cotton fuse on steel wire

Sheet balsa spoilers are simple and effective

The 19th Annual National Championship Model Airplane Contest held at Hensley Field Air Station, Dallas, Texas, took place amid a grim air of military preparedness as Marine air combat teams and Navy air squadrons were activated for the Korean conflict, but true to its reputation for being ready to handle any emergency, the Navy airfield's personnel under the direction of Capt. Hugh R. Nieman proved it could prepare for warfare and still play host to the first National model meet in the Southwest.

As Marine Corsairs and Navy jets went through final test flights before winging off to join unnamed carriers, more than 500 eager contestants, early birds all, were knocking on the gates of Hensley Field a full day before the 19th Nats got under way on July 26. From the first glimpse it was obvious that modelers from all parts of the U. S., Canada and Mexico were determined to make this the most exciting of all Nationals. Many flyers in the Senior (Class 1 under AMA rules) event between 18 and 21 years of age were expecting to hear from hometown draft boards, or had already indicated their intention of enlisting in one of the services, and were trying their best to make this contest an occasion to be remembered by all.

The competition was sponsored by the Exchange Club of Dallas with the active cooperation of the U.S. Navy, and directed by John E. Clemens of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, sanctioners.

Free Flight Gas - 40%

Indoor - 6%

Towline Glider - 6%

Flying Scale - 2%

Outdoor Rubber - 11%

Stunt - 3%

Other Events - 9%

Radio Control - 2%

PAA-Load - 6%

Speed - 15%

Free Flight was Most Popular

Participation by Events Based on Early Registration

Used by Bob Dailey, Ferndale, Michigan

Entire stab. pivots on 1/4" I.D. brass tube

Pivoting stab. coupled to stunt flaps

Norbert Koenig, Dayton, Ohio

Double duty flap is trim tab & dethermalizer

Flap seat is variable for flight trim

Built by Bob Bothner, Rutherford, N.J.

Fixed Stabilizer

Asymmetrical jet controlled by wing tab

Balsa fairing around fuel tank

Control system inside wing