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October 1950 Air Trails Hobbies for Young Men

October 1950 Air Trails
October 1950 Air Trails Cover - Airplanes and Rockets Table of Contents

These pages from vintage modeling magazines like Flying Aces, Air Trails, American Modeler, American Aircraft Modeler, Young Men, Flying Models, Model Airplane News, R/C Modeler, captured the era. All copyrights acknowledged.


Ohlsson & Rice, Inc. Engines and Accessories Ad

New! 1951 O&R ... Engines & Accessories

O & R Lapped Piston Engines are easier starting, higher powered and more dependable than ever before. They are built to give top performance and long life. Get your O&R Engine at your dealer's right away.


The new O&R Front End Flywheel Marine Engine changes the whole concept of model booting. It's truly a real Marine Engine from stem to stern.

• Front End Flywheel permits lower placement in hull.

•Dual Counter-weighted for smoother running.

• Less Propeller Shaft Angle.

• Roller Bearing Crankshaft for longer life.

• All New High Compression Piston for greater power.

• Ball Bearing Thrust reduce. friction.

O&R .29 Marine Engine complete with Flywheel, Thrust Bearing and Universal Coupling ... $14.95

Marine Flywheel ... 1.50

Thrust Bearing only ... 1.00

Universal Coupling (available in 15 thread sizes) only ... 1.49

The World's Most Authentic Model Midget Racer!

$19.95 Complete

With O&R Sport Drive Unit

A true 12 to 1 scale model of the famous "Offie" that consistently held the No. 1 position at Gilmore Racing Oval in Los Angeles. It's not only fun to race, but is an accurate, fully detailed reproduction of a real midget racer. Can be used for either tether or power operation. It's safe and simple to operate in small areas. Available in an assortment of brilliant baked enamel colors.

O&R Sport Drive Unit

Sport Drive Unit has built-in 3 to 1 planetary drive, automatically lubricated, with centrifugal clutch that allows standing starts for realistic action.

O&R Competition Power Drive Unit

Designed for competition racing. Four semi-pneumatic tires and hubs. The O&R Competition Unit is available for installation in standard O&R Model Racers. Complete Competition Power Drive Unit ... $15.95

Model Racer only ... $ 5.95

Sport Drive Unit only ... 13.95

Model Racer Complete with Sport Drive Unit ... 19.95

Authentic Driver illustrated, extra ... 1.50

Swivel Pest complete with Wire ... 1.00


Fits all O&R and many other makes of Glow Plugs. Double connection Instant Clip included.


O&R Fuels

No.2 Glow Plug

1/2 Pt.40¢ Pt. 75¢ Qt. $1.40


1/2 Pt. 40¢ Pt. 75¢

O&R "30 Plus"

Pt. $1.00 Qt. $1.75

Most popular and largest selling model engine fuels in the world.

Instant Clip

Designed for greater efficiency. Gives positive double connection and much easier starting.

Instant Clip Only ... 15¢

Glow Plugs


New! Hi-Glow Plugs



Exclusive Trueing Washer insures "wobble-free" running.

19, 23, 29, 33 Flywheel ... $1.25

60 Flywheel ... 1.50

Universal Coupling

Marine Flywheel

The only complete line of improved universal couplings. Available in the thread sizes shown.

Universal Coupling ... $1.49

Wrench ... 25¢

Ball Thrust Bearing, Complete ... $1.00

Marine Flywheel ... $1.50



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... that will give you many new and useful ideas for your model building. Fill in the coupon below and mail together with 15ยข in stamps or coins to cover mailing and handling costs. Send for your copy now!

O&R .23 again wins the 1950 Nationals.

Joseph W. Foster, the winner in Class B.

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