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Toledo - World's Biggest RC Show
May 1971 American Aircraft Modeler

May 1971 American Aircraft Modeler

May 1971 American Aircraft Modeler - Airplanes and Rockets3Table of Contents

These pages from vintage modeling magazines like Flying Aces, Air Trails, American Modeler, American Aircraft Modeler, Young Men, Flying Models, Model Airplane News, R/C Modeler, captured the era. All copyrights acknowledged.

The 1971 Toledo R/C trade show as a major event in large part because of the new generation of transistorized pulse proportional radio control systems being introduced that were rapidly replacing legacy vacuum tube and some solid state reed and escapement systems. A large selection of new model designers were also offered to accommodate the lighter weight, smaller, and more highly functional radios. Fast forward nearly half a century to what will soon be the 2019 Toledo Show and you will find an incredible array of high technology electronics and airframes. Most models will be factory-built, with balsa and plywood kits being mostly extremely small or extremely large models. Glow fuel engines will barely have a presence, having been replaced by large gasoline engines and brushless motors. Transmitters are highly programmable and have no extendable antennas. 8-channel receivers are smaller and lighter than an S3003 type servo. Interference is a thing of the past. Drones dominate as a class of aircraft over fixed wing and helicopters. Onboard cameras, telemetry from air to ground is commonplace, self-flying-self-recovering-self-return-to-home-self-landing systems take a lot of the risk out of flying and learning to fly. To paraphrase the old Virginia Slims commercial, "We've come a long way, baby!" A half century from now, the same sort of then-versus-now comparison will be made regarding the crudeness of today's awesome technology.

Toledo - World's Biggest RC Show

Toledo - World's Biggest RC Show, May 1971 American Aircraft Modeler - Airplanes and RocketsThe years 1969 and 1970 must have been pretty good for our radio control model industry, considering the significant investment in new products shown at this 1971 Toledo trade show. The booths and business policies of the industry show confidence in a growing and prosperous future. Every line of equipment, planes, boats, cars, and accessories showed improvement and attention to detail.

For example, one maker showed an all-fiberglass scale Cessna Aerobat. Even the flaps, rudder, ailerons, and other small parts are molded in glass. Every line, door handle, and panel is etched into the master mold. The nose gear is vertically sprung.

In a different area, the radio systems showed investment in special or hybrid integrated circuitry. Those going heavily into servo amplifier integration have also taken advantage of the bridge amplifier circuits to eliminate center-tapped battery packs. One of the new IC chips has 31 semi-conductors. Some manufacturers offer fast-rate chargers so that a complete battery charge takes only a few hours, not the usual day and half the night. A good uniform battery pack is needed, but not special cells.

Other radio manufacturers have continued to refine their well-proven systems and designs. Changeable crystals are offered by some and one maker offers a switchable frequency option. Either of two adjacent channels can be chosen by a flick of a switch. Without question retractable landing gears are here to stay. The experts require them for polished performance, and reliability of the new units and their improved simplified installation puts retracts within the range of avid Sunday fliers. No longer is the retract unit a delicate plaything. At least four completely new retract systems were shown.

Boats showed further development in the exclusive use of fiberglass. Ready-to-use boats have existed longer than ready-to-fly planes. One now can go boating, after only two evenings' work, with a metal-flake-finished, rugged hydro. Cars also are getting the fiberglass treatment. Plastic bodies are becoming stronger through the use of more durable plastics. Dragsters are becoming popular. Flex-chassis appear to be the way to have an effective suspended GT sidewinder car.

It had been planned to have a demonstration of the proposed RC Combat rules by holding an open contest, but the wind kept the planes grounded. Gusts up to 50 mph were recorded. However, a reasonable quantity of combat models was displayed and, instead of having the combat flying, prizes were awarded to the static-display combat models for workmanship and design. Dremel Mfg. and J. K. Miller donated a Shop Tool and an Air Brush Spray outfit respectively for these awards.

The Toledo show always is operated by the Weak Signals Club. They had quite a time selecting winners in their many categories and had a full table of beautiful prizes.

The models on display were, as usual, awe inspiring. Winner of the Art Christen Award for the best model displayed by a Junior went to 15-year-old Ray Hosttler for his Dyna-Jet-powered McDonald Phantom F-4 (built from AAM plans). Both Military and Non-military Scale awards were won by Walt Mocha for his JN-4 Jenny and his Fly Baby. In Boats, awards went to Don Boke and Harold Van Horn. Best Pattern design was won by Jerry Worth; Pylon was topped by Dave Gierke. Best Car design was won by Stuart Stanfield.

Perhaps the best news of all is that next year the show area will be double the present size, but at the same place and time. Attendance was well over 8500 this year. Next year the crowded Swap Shop and display areas will be big enough for all comers. Ed Sweeney

Royal Products Corp./F4J RC. 61-powered model of U.S. Navy Phantom, designed for full-house RC operation. 480 sq. in. wing area. $49.95. Royal Products Corp., 6190 E. Evans Ave., Denver, Colo. 80222

Du-Bro/Sea Bird. Unusual RC amphibian can be equipped with fully retractable hull-mounted main gear. ABS plastic, plywood and balsa construction. Fully aerobatics power from 40 to 61, with 45 recommended for all-around good performance. $59.95. Du-Bro Products, Inc., Wauconda, Ill.60084

C.M.I. Quality Airplane Kits/RC Guillotine. Grade A, hand-selected balsa with quality throughout, RC combat fighter is designed for 15 to 23 engines. Fast construction, very maneuverable but stable. 42" span. $10.95. C.M.I., 945 65th St., Des Moines, Iowa 50312

Scale Radio Control Products, Inc./Cessna 150. The Aerobat, with fully operational flaps, is 1/6-scale in every detail. Fuselage and flying surfaces of fiberglass, 65" span, 5 lb., 45 to 60 power. $89.95. Scale Radio Control Products, Inc., 101 E. Main St., St. Charles, Ill. 60174

World Engines/Pilot Sailplane. 7' sailplane uses 10 power, foam wing with ABS plastic covering, computer-designed airfoil for maximum lift. Under $50. World Engines, 8960 Rossash Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45236

The Model Maker/Galaxie. Free-flight for 1/2A or A/B power, kit features top quality pre-cut and shaped balsa, geodetic wing construction. Plane holds 10 free flight National records. 1/2A, $5.95; A/B, $12.95. The Model Maker, 1636 E. Edinger, Unit N, Santa Ana, Calif. 92705

AAMCO/MiniMaster. RC sportster uses only 15 to 23 power, full-house operation with small RC system. Steerable nose wheel, clear canopy, flying weight under 3 1/2 lb. 49 1/2" span, extra rugged construction. Andrews Aircraft Model Co., Inc., 2A Putnam Ct., Danvers, Mass. 01923

Hot Line Models/Mooney Chaparral. 70 1/2" span, recommended for 60 power, kit uses built-up construction from machine-cut, sanded parts and select balsa. Formed gear, control horns, bellcranks. Weight, 7 to 8 lb. Can be adapted to retract gear. $55. Hot Line Models, Inc., 3610 Thurman, Amarillo, Tex. 79109

Wing Mfg./F4U-1 Corsair. Impressive-looking WW II fighter in Navy colors uses 60 power and gives excellent flight characteristics. 63" span, fiberglass fuselage, molded cowl sections and canopy, foam wing cores. $69. Wing Manufacturing, Box 33, Crystal Lake, Ill. 60014

Span Aero Products/Piper J3. So big it won't fit in the picture! 8' wing, kit uses aluminum wing spars and tips, tail surfaces, fiberglass cowl and parts. Easy access to RC compartment through fuselage door. Flying weight under 9 lb. 60 power recommended. $79.95. Span Aero Products, Box 63, Norwalk, Conn. 06856

Rand Sales Co./Sky Kangaroo. For small field, low-power flying with lightweight airborne equipment, powered glider requires only 09 power. Precision cut wooden parts, built-up construction. 57" span. $14.85. Rand Sales Co., Box 20059, Columbus, Ohio 43220

Dee Bee/Super Eyeball. ARF version of Eyeball features some sport and competition characteristics of earlier version but uses molded fuselage shell, bolt-on wings, no painting or finishing, 15% symmetrical airfoil, 6-lb. flying weight, 45 to 60 power. One evening's building time. $59.95. Dee Bee Models, W. Lambs Rd., Pitman, N.J. 08071

Kyosho/P-51. 1/9 scale for small proportional RC, recommended for 29 to 50 power, 48" span, 41" length, all parts computer-machine cut and hand finished. Metal cowl, plastic canopy, all necessary hardware, real silk covering. The Model Maker, Kyosho, 1636 E. Edinger, Unit N, Santa Ana, Calif. 92705

WAVE/Honeycomb Wing. Ultimate in strength and finish, wing uses honeycomb core, epoxy, and fiberglass for tough exterior. Available in colors for Ugly Stick, Sunfli IV, and Kaos. $49.95. Others to be developed. WAVE, 1237 S. Wells Rd., Saticoy, Calif. 93003

R/C Kits/F7F Tigercat. Scale version of Navy twin WW II fighter for 45 or 60. Built-up wing of egg-crate construction. All parts beautifully cut out. Fiberglass cowls. $59.95. R/C Kits, 353 Briar, North Canton, Ohio 44720

Larson Electronics/5RS Series 2000. Highest output power for any 72 MHz transmitter. Ultra-lightweight, potted receiver weighs only 1.7 oz., small size makes Series 2000 compatible with almost any plane. Excellent noise rejection features. $349.95. Larson Electronics, 2289 1/2 So. Grand Ave., Santa Ana, Calif. 92705

Orbit/Single-stick RC. 4-channel RC system with rechargeable nicads. Transmitter output, 1/2 watt on one of 15 available frequencies. System Includes PS-30 or PS-40 servos in any desired combination. 4-channel system (shown), $439.90; 6-channel, $489.90. Orbit Electronics, Inc., 18065 Euclid St., Fountain Valley, Calif. 92708

Min-X Radio, Inc./Astromite 72 Single-stick. Available in 2 to 6 channel, 4-channel shown. With rechargeable nicad batteries and Isolation transformer. 800 mw transmitter output with center-loaded antenna. Integrated circuitry. 100% pre-tested for reliability. $349. Min-X Radio, Inc., 8714 Grand River, Detroit, Mich. 48204

EK Logictrol/LRB Series RC system. For basic, reliable 2-channel operation of small boats, race cars, gliders, etc., LRB (Li'l Red Brick) uses Integrated receiver and 2-servo output. Dry-cell operated. Two-control unit, $99.95; three-control, $159.95; four-control, $249.95. Nicad battery pack available at extra cost. EK Products Inc., 3233 W. Euless Blvd., Box 1015, Hurst, Texas 76053

Hobby People/Four-channel RC. Available with two servos as a starter, Phoenix can be expanded to full 4-channel operation later. Quality at a low price. With two RS-4 mini-servos, flight-gear nicads and recharger, switch and servo tray, $139.99. Hobby People, 130 E. 33rd St., Los Angeles, Calif. 90011

Citizenship/Six-channel RC. DV-6 digital proportional system uses DPR-6 receiver, four DMS servos, nicad battery pack for airborne unit. Receiver uses integrated circuitry. 27 MHz, $399.95; 72 MHz or 6 meters, $419.95. Citizenship Supreme R/C Systems, Box 297, Westfield, Ind. 46074

Kraft System/Six-channel. Top-of-the-Line Kraft has five proportional functions, landing gear up/down switch, two-frequency switch, transformer charger, and student/trainer chord with button standard. $479.95 with 4 servos. Any set of two adjacent frequencies may be selected. Also choice of any combination of Kraft servos. Kraft Systems, Inc., 450 W. California Ave., Vista, Calif. 92063

Royal Electronics/Apollo 4. New, inexpensive import line available on 27 MHz only In 4- or 5-channel versions. Rotary output servos, American-made nicad batteries and high-transmitter output power are features. Flying weight is 14 oz. $269.95. Royal Electronics Corp., 2119 S. Hudson St., Box 22204, Denver, Colo. 60222

The Mini-Flite Co./Mini-Vee. Plastic version of off-shore racing boat for single to multi controls and up to 19 engine. Features three sealed foam flotation compartments and sealed RC compartment. Die-cut plywood parts for strength. $22.95. The Mini-Flite Co., 46 Princeton St., Red Bank, N.J. 07701

PMP/Stiletto. 30" sport racing boat for full-house competition, kit is finished in one of ten eye-catching metal-flake colors. 19 to 45 power. PMP Mfg., 2693 S. Shoshone, Denver, Colo.

Octura Models/4-point hydroplane. White Heat 15 is designed for engines of 60 and up. 40" length, 20" beam, fitted with Octura steering strut. Price and kitting plans to be announced. Octura Models, 8148 N. Milwaukee Ave., Niles, Ill.60648

The Model Maker/Porsche RC racer. In three body styles, Lola T-70, McLaren, and Porsche 917 (shown), 1/8-scale kits feature adjustable centrifugal clutch and brake systems, super-soft sponge rear tires, die cast mag hubs, decals, servo mounting brackets, other hardware. Three spur-and-pinion gear sets (6:1, 5:1, and 4:1) included. Less engine and RC gear, $75. The Model Maker, Kyosho Co., 1636 E. Edinger, Unit N, Santa Ana, Calif. 92705

Delta Systems/RC Car. 1/8-scale Delta Dash IIJ features ball-bearing power train, automatic clutch, foam tires and independent front suspension. Quick-change gear ratio and adjustable wheelbase provides flexibility for various racing conditions and bodies. With 5:1 gear box. $69.95. Body and 19 engine not included. Delta Systems, Box 754, Bridgetown, Mo. 63044

RCE/1/8-scale vacuum-formed bodies. Many authentic bodies of top concourse Championship winners. Porsche 917 roadster body shown, $8. Also available, Dave Bloom's custom-painted bodies, $18 to $22 Including body. .060 butyrate plastic construction. Race Car Enterprises, 3703 Dover Dr., Fort Wayne, Ind. 46805

PMP Mfg./STP Indy car. Metal-flake color molded into fiberglass body. Decals also available for extra zing. $19.95. PMP Manufacturing, Box 10233, Denver, Colo. 80210

Dynamic Models/Porsche 917. 1/8·scale complete with Orbit 2-Channel Handi-Grip transmitter, receiver, two PS-5 servos, and Veco 19RC engine. Ready to go. $289.95. Dynamic Models, 13309 Sattcoy St., North Hollywood, Calif. 91605

Royal Products/Retractable gear. New RMK Special units have sturdy aluminum housing with steel and plastic inner workings. Durable bearing surfaces and no noise sources. Nose gear, $19.95. Auxiliary power units also available at $18.95. Royal Products corp., 6190 E. Evans Ave., Denver, Colo. 80222

Carl Goldberg Models/Retract gear. Tricycle gear system weighs only 5 oz., dual wheel only 3 oz. Simple, straightforward construction keeps height to only 1" and requires very little actuating force. Pair of main gears, $9.95. Tricycle (shown), $19.95. Carl Goldberg Models Inc., 2541 W. Cermak, Chicago, Ill.

Selectronlcs/CAS retract gear. 3 oz. per each main gear, 3 1/2 oz. for nose gear. Requires 2 oz. of pull, 11/16" actuating throw. Height, 1 1/4". With mounting plates. Two main gears, $29.50; nose gear, $19.50. Selectronics Co., 463 Blossom Hill Rd., San Jose, Calif. 95123

Carl Goldberg Models/Super Ranger. Rugged, fully assembled vacuum-formed fuselage uses doublers and braces for beginner's rough landings. Kit comes complete with ailerons, links, horns, other hardware. Easy to fly. 56" span, weight 4 to 4 1/2 lb., 19 to 40 power. $39.95. Carl Goldberg Models, 2541 W. Cermak Rd., Chicago, III. 60608

Penford Plastics Corp./Scale Fiberglass P-51. Tops in realism, D-Model of famous WW II fighter uses four-bladed prop, other full-scale details. Fiberglass fuselage and fin, pre-cut wing and stab ribs, steel wing jig dowels for accurate fabrication. 62" span, 61 power recommended. $74.95. Penford Plastics Corporation, 320 Curtis St., Delaware, Ohio 43015

Vic's Custom Models/RC Ercoupe. Fiberglass-fuselage model of the famous post-WW II private plane, kit features pre-formed gear, balsa fins, rudders, stabs. Span 62", 5 to 5 1/2 lb., 35 to 60 power. $69.95. Also available, clear canopy with deluxe, detailed interior, $6.95 extra. Vic's Custom Models, 618 Cowpath Rd., Montgomeryville, Pa. 18936

Sterling Models Inc./Rimfire. High-performance RC on engines up to 45, plane flys at approximately 3 1/2 lb. Die-cut fuselage sides, steerable nose gear, accessories such as nylon fittings, rods, aluminum engine mount, canopy, decals, etc. Span 54". $27.95. Sterling Models Inc., Belfield Ave. at Wister St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19144

Dumas/Corsair. A profile CL stunt version of U.S. new A-7 Corsair II attack fighter. Great for slow combat. 35 power, 38" span. $11.95. Dumas Products, Inc., 790 S. Park Ave., Tucson, Ariz. 85716

Joy Products Co., Inc./JN-4D. True scale realism from original Curtiss drawing. Kit and accessory package contain everything, scale turnbuckles, parts for wire wheels, plastic OX-5 engine cylinders, rigging. For RC or display. For 29 to 49 engines. Price with accessory pack, about $45. Joy Products Co., Inc. Menominee, Mich. 49858

J and J Industries/American Eagle. Giant sailplane with all-wood construction, built-up wing. 764 sq. in., 102" span, weight, 3 lb. J and J Industries, Box 202, Oakhurst, N. J. 07755

Lanier/Colt. New, stylish full-house RC gives superb performance on 60 power, flies well on 45 too. Span, 55"; weight, equipped, under 6 lb. Foam wings, tail use new hard-covering technique. $54.95. Lanier Industries, Inc., Briarwood Rd., Oakwood, Ga. 30566

Indy R/C Specialties/Coyote. ARF with fiberglass fuselage, MYCO-covered wing and stab, pre-installed firewall and motor mount. 61 1/2" span, 630 sq. in. wing area, engine 45 to 61. $69.95. Also available in standard kit minus accessory hardware, $59.95. Indy R/C Specialties, 10538 Jessup Blvd., Indianapolis, Ind. 46280

VK Model Aircraft Co./Cherokee. Big, powerful, high performance Cherokee flies on 40 to 61 power, weighs 6 1/2 lb., 65" span, 18% symmetrical airfoil. Steerable nose wheel. $39.95. Pictured is the $27.50 Cherokee Babe which spans 53" and uses 23 to 40 engine. VK Model Aircraft Co., 12072 Main Rd., Akron, N.Y. 14001

Markel Model Co./Aero J. Fully aerobatic, Aero J is semi-scale in appearance, flies on 40 to 60 power. 52" span. One-piece fuselage sides, spruce spars, quality prefabricated parts. Weight 5 lb. Markel Model Company, c/o Bus. Sec. Assoc. Inc., Box 27148, Columbus, Ohio 43227

Aero Precision/Touchdown. For 3- or 4-channel operation on 15 to 19 engines, plane is available with two wings: 48" trainer or 42" performance. Weight, 3 lb. $19.95. Extra foam core option wing, $8.95. Aero Precision, Collins Industries, Inc., 322 N. East St., Tipton, Ind. 46072

World Engines/Pilot CL ARF's. New series of four formed plastic ready-to-fly control line trainers and stunters. Range is 09 to 35 engines and $14 to about $20. Takes only 1/2 hour work to prepare for flying. Available mid-summer. World Engines Inc., 8960 Rossash Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45236

The Mini·Flite Co./Super-Cub. All-plastic 90%-scale kit for single channel through multi. Semi-symmetrical wing. 19 recommended. Floats available at extra cost for ROW operation. The Mini-Flite Co., 48 Princeton St., Red Bank, N.J. 07701

Reddi-Flite/Dragon Fli. A most complete ARF fiberglass and foam/plastic version of Phil Kraft's competition model. Suitable for retract gears. Choice of orange, red or blue fuselage. 62" span for 60 engines. $79.95. Reddi-Flite Products, Box 608, Lansdale, Penna. 19446

World Engines Inc./pro-Digit. A beginner's system with 4 channels available, but sold with the new two-servo-and-receiver brick only. New World Engine-designed integrated decoder, FET receiver, and Integrated bridge servo amplifier. $150. World Engines Inc., 8960 Rossash Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45236

Heathkit/Servo simulator. Unit permits adjustment of proportional pulse-driven servos and also serves as battery charger. No need to energize transmitter for routine adjustments. Battery charge rate, 45 mA. Also operates on optional battery pack for field use. One evening's construction time. For additional Information, write Heathkit, Benton Harbor, Mich. 49022, for data on Model GD-206.

Rand Sales Co./Digiace. Four-channel digital proportional system provides high reliability and excellent performance at surprisingly low price. Dry cell power. Airborne weight, 13 oz. $169. With nicad batteries and charger, $219. Rand Sales Co., Box 20059, Columbus, Ohio 43220

EK Logictrol/Six-channel RC unit. Deluxe system features variable frame rate for precise control over more than 200 distinct servo positions, Tension-adjust screws on control stick allow adjustment to specific preference. Output 600 mw on 27, 53, or 72 MHz. Nicad-powered. Five-control unit, $369.95; 6-control (shown) $399.95. EK Products Inc., 3233 W. Euless Blvd., Box 1015, Hurst, Texas 76053

MRC/Three-channel RC unit. New F713 provides digital proportional control at reasonable price. Interchangeable crystals for 5 frequencies. Vinyl-covered transmitter, 27 or 72 MHz. With two servos on 27 MHZ, $150; on 72 MHz, $160; extra servo, $30; nicads and charger, $40 extra. Model Rectifier Corporation, 2500 Woodbridge Ave., Edison, N.J. 08817

ProLine/Competition Six-channel RC. Open-gimbal, single-stick system employs deluxe features throughout. Extreme sensitivity and durability are characteristics. Built-in training system, gear-retracts servo, gold-plated contacts, MIL-SPEC-Style harness are utilized. 1.1 watt output on 27 MHz and 6 meters, .6 watt on 72 MHz. $499.9. ProLine Electronics, Inc., Box 7733, Phoenix, Ariz. 65011

Cannon Electronics/Super-Flite 4. Slant-Tenna case, Kraft sticks, and choice of seven servo types. Kit or built-up systems. On 27 MHz, the kit is $214.95, built-up, $269.95. Add $10 for 53 or 72 MHz. Buddy-Box circuit included and variable logic frame rate. Cannon Electronics, 13400-26 Saticoy St., North Hollywood, Calif. 91605

Dumas/SK-Daddle. Now in fiberglass, ready to go when you add 19 engine, shaft and two-channel RC rig. Available in blue, red, gold, or green metal-flake with white bottom. $49.95. Dumas Boats, Box 6093, Tucson, Ariz, 65716

3-D Models/Fiberglass hydroplane. Buck-or-Two, record-setting hydroplane, features glassed-in-place aluminum stress plates for mounting strut, rudder, skid fin mounting. Spruce stringers, foam flotation. Available in white, yellow, black, solid, or two-tone colors. Accessory hardware also available, extra cost. Base price, $69.95. Daniels Design and Development, 4131 Colonial Dr., Royal Oak, Mich. 46072

G.E.M. Models/Lightning Bolt 21. Kit includes hull and deck sections of white molded fiberglass, operates on 09 to 23 power. Length 21 3/4", beam 10". Large enough to accommodate most radio systems, although smaller units are recommended. High performance design. $25. G.E.M. Models, Box 342, Broadview, Ill. 60153

Jerobee Industries Inc./Commando. Completely assembled, ideal for beginner, 1/12-scale racer uses fully-proportional RC system, 049 engine, steering and throttle control. High strength Cycolac body. No FCC license required. $109.95. Jerobee Industries Inc., York Center, Redmond, Wash. 98052

AAMCO/Trac-Master RC racer. 1/8-scale kit will accept Porsche, Ferrari, or Chapparal body. Chassis has adjustable wheelbase, camber, caster, toe-in, and tracking. Easy construction in about two hours. With selected spare parts, less engine and RC gear, $69.50. AAMCO Technical Model Associates, Inc., 2A Putnam Ct., Danvers, Mass. 01923

Scale Radio Control/1/8-scale fiberglass bodies. Available in fiberglass in popular 1/8 scale are McLaren MK8D, Porsche 917 (shown), and Ruby. Authentic in all details. Scale Radio Control Products, Inc., 101 E. Main St., St. Charles, Ill. 60174

MCE/RC chassis for racers. System of upgrading allows builder to move up from basic $60 flat-pan chassis to more sophisticated U-frame models. Modular parts interchange between four chassis styles. 6:1 gearing. Write for brochure. Model Car Enterprises, Inc., 944 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11232

Curtis-Balnel/McLaren RC car. Using Balnel-designed modifications to the basic off-the-shelf Curtis-car, design offers real top-flight track performance. Two bodies available, Formula and McLaren (shown) Numerous Balnel accessories also available. $59.50. Curtis-Cars, Box 297, Westfield, Ind. 46074

ProLine/Retract gear. Completely nylon bushed unit with steel and aluminum parts, offers long-lasting rugged performance. Counter spring on all legs allows low-effort movement. Nose gear, $29.95. One ProLine servo ($42.50) will move all three units. ProLine Electronics, Box 7733, Phoenix, Ariz. 85011

Wing Mfg./Retract gear. Considerably updated, faster and more powerful versions of a well-proved unit. Much stronger and larger diameter jack screw featured. Tight-fitting dust cover. Several versions, some for scale others for pattern. $18.95. Wing Mfg., Box 33, Crystal Lake, Ill. 60014

Kraft Systems, Inc./Multicon retract gear. Fully sealed unit is electrically driven by self-contained, low-drain motor. Nose gear mounts vertically or horizontally. Transit time, approximately 4 sec. on 2.4V source. Positive lock in up and down position. Tricycle system, $59.95; main gears, $19.95 each. Kraft Systems, Inc., 450 W. California Ave., Vista, Calif. 92083.

Technlsales/Standard and Mini retracts. New price on these popular units is under $50 for complete set, either standard size or mini. Nose gear weighs only 4 oz. Technisales, Box 822, San Gabriel, Calif. 91775

Ross Engines/Large scale power. Ross provides a wide array of twin 60 and larger power units. Two-cylinder opposed (left) and in-line alternate firing twins, 4-cylinder opposed (above), 5-cylinder radials (not shown) are among various engines which are available or pending. Some with blower, oil extractors on others, remove 90% of the castor oil in exhaust. Many other experimental features under development. Write for price and availability of complete line to Concord and West Manufacturing Co., 255-03 West End Dr., Great Neck, N.Y. 11020



Posted January 12, 2019

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