Mad Modeler's Coloring Book
May/June 1963 American Modeler

May/June 1963 American Modeler

May/June 1963 American Modeler Table of Contents

These pages from vintage modeling magazines like Flying Aces, Air Trails, American Modeler, American Aircraft Modeler, Young Men, Flying Models, Model Airplane News, R/C Modeler, captured the era. All copyrights acknowledged.

This very strange comic appeared in the May/June 1963 edition of American Modeler. Although it's purpose purports to be a humorous way to let off steam about some aspect of modeling, it comes across to me as uncharacteristically nasty, and not real funny to boot. It uses sort of a free verse (non rhyming) prose. What do you think?



Mad Modeler's Coloring Book

Lyrics by Palmer & Schwarzchild

Animation by Bob Lopshire

No matter what your branch of modeling may be, no matter what you may be mad about at the moment, we guarantee these delightful portraits will cheer you up - unless you see yourself there!

Look at the man with bags of money - Airplanes and Rockets       See the funny man? - Airplanes and Rockets              Look at the microfilm modeler - Airplanes and Rockets 
Look at the man with bags of money.

He donates trophies.

He likes model airplanes.

He likes model airplane flyers.

He likes model airplane contests.

He likes to give away trophies.

Color him sick.

See the funny man?

He is a club leader member.

Some call him "Club Leader."

Some call him other things.

He always knows best.

Never makes mistakes.

He's got a good line.

Color him pure.

Look at the microfilm modeler.

Isn't he thin?

He isn't allowed to run.

He can't even sneeze.

He's very delicate.

Talking helps his models fly.

Sketch in lots of hot air.

This is a contest director - Airplanes and Rockets           See the unhappy Rat Racer? - Airplanes and Rockets       What is a hand-launch glider nut - Airplanes and Rockets 
This is a contest director.

He has an impossible job.

He works for the AMA.

Color him red, white and blue.

He is very important.

He has lots of people working.

They would do anything for him.

Color their knives red.

See the unhappy Rat Racer?

See the tangled lines?

Hear the nasty words?

Color the air black.

He changes a prop at each stop.

He lands on the wrong side of the circle.

Let's blame the pit crew.

What is a hand-launch glider nut?

He's a looong arm.

He has a head and legs too.

But his arm is loooooong.

Watch him throw his glider.

Listen to him throw it.

Color him determined.

It is radio controlled, This is a towline glider flyer - Airplanes and Rockets
See the nice airplane?

It is radio controlled.

Sometimes it flys right.

Sometimes it flys wrong.

It has lots of little parts.

Sometimes it flies straight down.

Sometimes it doesn't fly at all.

Color it frustrating.

This is a towline glider flyer.

He runs many miles.

Color his face green.

See his long nose.  

He smells for thermals.

Yes, he smells:

Look at the greedy hobby dealer.

He is a good friend.

He likes to make money.

So color him green.

Most times he is out of stock.

His distributor gets the blame.

He's good at passing the buck.

But not the one he earns.

He looks for model airplanes, See the spinning speed demon - Airplanes and Rockets
See the man with glasses?

Aren't they thick?

He looks for model airplanes.

He's a timer.

See the angry man?

He's a contestant.

The timer is watching the wrong model.

Color the contestant very purple.

See the spinning speed demon?

He goes round and round.

Like a top.

Color him blur.

He eats a lot.

He never has to run across a field.

He's not fat.

Just thick.

See this happy fellow.

Those are not flippers.

Those are his feet.

They grew that way.

Color the water blue.

He has water on the brain.

Color him soggy.





Posted September 20, 2012