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Camels Cigarettes

They've Got What it Takes

They call 'em "cloud hoppers" - these keen, alert glider pilots of the Army Air Force. Like so many Americans, they're learning an entirely new job - and proving they've got what it takes.

On the home front, too, millions are proving that good old American "know how" just can't be beat! That goes for cigarettes, too. For when you take costlier tobaccos and that "know how" of blending that produce a slow-burning cigarette, you've got the cigarette for steady smoking pleasure ... Camels.

Try Camels yourself - you'll find they give you smoking pleasure that holds up, pack after pack.

First in the Service

With men in the Army, Navy, the Marine Corps, and the Coast Guard, the favorite cigarette is Camel.(Based on actual sales records in post exchanges and canteens)

Meet the Glider Pilot

His insignia is the airman's wings with the letter "G." His cigarette? This pilot at the right gives you an idea why men in all the services prefer Camels. Get a package of Camels and see if they don't suit you to a "T."

R.J. Reynolds Tob. Co., Winston-Salem, N. C.

The "T-Zone"

- where cigarettes are judged

The "T-ZONE" - Taste and Throat - is the proving ground for cigarettes. Only your taste and throat can decide which cigarette tastes best to you ... and how it affects your throat. Based on the experience of millions of smokers, we believe Camels will suit your "T-ZONE" to a "T."