Electrical "Nurse" for Pipeline Guards Pump
January 1944 Popular Mechanics

May 1968 Popular Mechanics
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Electrical "Nurse" for Pipeline Guards Pump

One glance at the control desk at pumping stations along a 1,700-mile pipeline stretching from Texas to the East Coast shows the operator what valves are open or closed. The electrical "nurse," built by Westinghouse, also takes the temperature of motors, pumps and bearings and feels the "pulse," or pressure, in the pipe. The top of the control desk is made of semi-transparent plastic with illuminated arrows on the station diagram showing the route of the oil. If a pump gets hot or develops abnormal temperature, a tiny red bulb flashes on to show the trouble spot on the diagram. Automatic controls stop the electric motor operating the overheated pump, close valves leading into the pump, cause other valves to open and re-route the oil around the idle unit. Under the plastic desk top are some 60 pea-sized lamps, green, amber or red, connected with valves, thermometers and pressure gages.

Colored lights flash danger signals on the control desk of pipeline pumping station