German Focke-Wulf "F.W. 190"
April 1943 Popular Mechanics

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German Focke-Wulf "F.W. 190"

R.A.F. Tries Out a Downed German Fighter & Pilot "Blows Up" Hood of Cockpit to Bail Out

Although a great fighting plane, tests of a German Focke-Wulf "F.W. 190," which landed intact in England, reveal it to be somewhat less than the phenomenal ship at first believed. At its best in altitudes between 20,000 and 24,000 feet, where it reaches top speed, the sky fighter is formidable only above 16,000 feet. Drawings above indicate other interesting and outstanding features, and the inset, extreme lower righthand corner, shows some comparisons with Britain's Spitfire. Although the electrically operated undercarriage is rated among the best, aerodynamically the ship is poor, being hard to fly owing to its high landing speed. Provisions for the pilot are good. He can bailout quickly by jettisoning the whole cockpit hood at pressure of a key. Total weight of fire from the four cannon and two machine guns amounts to about 610 pounds a minute, but is less effective than might appear because of the short machine-gun range and poor hitting power of the Oerlikon cannon.