Dummies Go to War
December 1943 Popular Mechanics

May 1968 Popular Mechanics
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Dummies Go to War

Latest trick of camouflage is bad camouflage that "conceals" dummy equipment which causes enemy to waste bombs. Shark-toothed dummy (top) may be covered with "flat-top" of fish net that does not blend in with surroundings when viewed from above

If you half close your eyes, the mock motor convoy (left) appears somewhat as it would to an enemy pilot. Contours are realistic and might inveigle fighter to drop down for strafing column. Troops before net are "weaving" it with burlap to hide a truck

The sharp eye of enemy reconnaissance would be quick to spot the gun below as a dummy. Fliers would be instructed as to its exact position, but next time they fly in low over the "fake" they would be trapped with a real gun that replaced the dummy

Below, observation post made of dummy tree stump and "dead log" concealing tunnel (note man crawling out), Right, model of train on gunnery range

From the air the fighter plane (above) looks like a real P-40 parked along-side an advance landing strip. It is made from scrap wood and sheet metal

Left, dummy field gun with dummy crew is poorly camouflaged so foe will spot it from above and be scared away. Phony gun is made of wood and canvas