Merry Christmas 2015!

While Melanie and I were visiting Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Brian a couple days ago, we took the opportunity to visit 87 Beech Street to get some photos of the old house and the immediate area, and also to record the short video below. Click on the images for larger versions (full size is given under the picture). To save them to your computer, click on them first to get the large version on your screen, then right-click and do Save Picture As...

Grandma & Grandpa B's old house at 87 Beech Street

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87 Beech Street - the map inset shows where it is relative to Lake Erie (about a mile - the same as how far Melanie and I live from Lake Erie in PA)

Grandma and Grandpa B's old place at 87 Beech Street on December 3, 2015. According to Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Harold's grand daughter's in-laws live there now, so they are not Blattenbergers. While I was walking around taking pictures, the lady in the house to the left was watching suspiciously. She finally stuck her head out the door and asked in a not overly friendly way if had gotten all the pictures I needed. When I told her who I was, she was much friendlier. She and her husband have lived in the area for a long time (although evidently not in that house for long) and knew Rick and Don and some of the other family peoples. She gave me a brief rundown on how much improved the house is now since Harold's son fixed it up, and on how the old school at the playground was torn down many years ago. It's hard to imagine all those Blattenbergers crammed into 1,000 square feet and one bathroom!

BTW, if you look closely at the sign on the front door, it says, "No Trespassing. I own firearms and a backhoe." There's also a "Beware of Dog" sign. I'm guessing the neighborhood ain't what it used to be.

Playground across the street from the Blattenberger place

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A shot of the playground. It is across the street and to the left from the front yard.

Looking back at 87 Beech Street from the playground (Bethlehem Steel plant in background)

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Across from the playground looking toward 87 Beech Street. Notice the huge Bethlehem Steel plant looming in the background. I do not remember it being that close, but then I was oblivious to most things back then.

A Christmas greeting from the four of us.

Bonnie, Brian, and Melanie

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Bonnie, Brian, and Melanie in B&B's rec room - brings back distant memories, eh?



Posted December 6, 2015