Jim Walker A-J Aircraft Ad
May 1954 Model Airplane News

May 1954 Model Airplane News

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This advertisement appeared in the May 1954 issue of Model Airplane News.

Jim Walker A-J Aircraft Ad

Spare Parts? ... Of Course!

Ask anybody who owns a Jim Walker "Firebaby" and he'll tell you that it will take a lot of punishment. But when you try to stretch your luck too far - or get a little fancy on that last loop - well, something has to give. And if that happens to you, see your A-J dealer. He has extra parts to keep your Firebaby flying! Available with or without engine, single wing or biplane. See your dealer today!

With engine, as low as $7.85

Without engine, from $2.50

Jim Walker

A-J Aircraft Co.

Portland 12, Oregon, U.S.A.

World's Largest Manufacturer of Ready-to-Fly Model Aircraft