You Know You're a Modeler When...
(from March 2008 Model Aviation magazine)

These contributions were published in the March 2008 Model Aviation. More have been added as they become available.
  • "You do a search on the Internet for 'models' but delete all the sites that are about pretty women."
  • "You spend two days trying to get a park flyer out of a tree that is 75-feet high."
  • "You've gone to the emergency room more than once for airplane-related injuries."
  • "You describe to the nurse how to put on the bandages so you can hold a transmitter."
  • "You know you are a slope soarer when you are more interested in checking out the dunes than the beach."
  • "You know you're a 3-D pilot when you respond to 'check out that waterfall' by looking to open sky."
  • "You spent more on your last airplane than on your last car."
  • "It's 36° and sleeting and you're standing in the pit area wondering 'Where is everybody?'"
  • "You test-fit the family cat into the cockpit of your 33% Extra and  seriously consider giving it a try."
  • "Your idea of an engaging dinner conversations is a lively debate on the merits of castor oil versus synthetics."
  • "Your mom and dad finds magazines under your mattress and are relieved to find it's only Model Aviation."
  • "Your wife says she'd like to see you more often and you hand her a map to the field."