NASA "Journey to the Moon" Poster

Sometime in the fall of 1969, the year the Apollo 11 crew made the world's first manned landing on the Moon, Melanie's family took a vacation from their home in Middletown, Maryland, to Florida. Along with a stop at Sea World (only a couple years old at the time), they visited Cape Canaveral. Whilst there, she bought this "Journey to the Moon" wall poster. It has sat folded in an archive box for decades, so finally a couple days ago I decided it really should be on display. Since our house is only 940 sq. ft., there is not a lot of surplus wall area for a rather large (48" x 21") poster. It now graces the back of our bedroom door.

NASA "Giant Steps to the Moon" Poster (Lunar Lander) - Airplanes and Rockets

NASA "Giant Steps to the Moon" Poster (Mission Sequence) - Airplanes and Rockets

The poster is a great reminder of the glory days of American manned space flight and exploration. As of this date, the U.S. no longer has a manned space effort that includes our own launch vehicles. Part of the "Hope and Change" of this era has been the elimination of the Space Shuttle program, where hereafter we pay the Communist countries (and military foes) of China and Russia to launch our astronauts to the International Space Station. It seems America must no longer demonstrate a superiority in any realm least it hurt the feelings of lesser-achieving countries.



Posted November 14, 2015