Prevent Slipping of Plastic Clamps with Simple Modification

Prevent Slipping of Plastic Clamps with Simple Modification - Airplanes and RocketsThose inexpensive spring-loaded plastic clamps are ubiquitous on model builders' and woodworkers' workbenches across the world. With swiveling jaws that accommodate almost any pair of surfaces needing to be held together while sanding, measuring, painting, cutting, or many other tasks, these things are one of the best deals in the tools universe. They are so great that I feel bad even criticizing them in any way, but I shall.

Aside from the occasional snapping of the plastic handles at the worst possible moment, the most annoying feature of these clamps is how they routinely spin out from between your fingers while being compressed and jockeyed into position on your workpiece - also at the worst possible time. I have had those buggers fly clear across the room.

Fortunately, I discovered a very simple fix that is easy to implement and to date has entirely eliminated the launch-while-squeezing tendency. Simply sand a flat area on the rounded handle surfaces as shown in the photo. Only sand enough to establish a flat surface big enough to prevent slippage, because sanding too deeply will weaken that already not too strong to begin with.

You're welcome.



Posted September 10, 2017