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Model Progress
April 1962 American Modeler Article

April 1962 American Modeler

April 1962 American Modeler Cover - Airplanes and Rockets Table of Contents

These pages from vintage modeling magazines like Flying Aces, Air Trails, American Modeler, American Aircraft Modeler, Young Men, Flying Models, Model Airplane News, R/C Modeler, captured the era. All copyrights acknowledged.

"She's a junk dealer's daughter, but she's given the air to Lord Rennell's heir. Explained sultry, blonde Nina Hobbs, 21...'He didn't pay me enough attention. He was much more interested in model airplanes.'" That line, quoted from the New York World-Telegram and The Sun story via Associated Press, was in this April 1962 edition of American Modeler magazine. I had to look up the phrase "give the air to" - it means to spurn, jilt, or reject one, especially a lover or romantic interest. Such a situation is not uncommon even today, and not just regarding model airplanes. The article includes a few other interesting items, along with  plans for the Spearhead swept-wing free flight model.

Model Progress

By Al Lewis

Tatone almuinum free flight fuselage - Airplanes and RocketsAfter viewing new hobby-model merchandise at the industry's yearly "trade show" in Chicago we are happy to report that flying-type balsawood airplane kits are making a come-back! In the works is Secret Operator #049's report on the affair which we hope to present in the next issue - if he can spirit it out of the closed-door session...

Werner Voss, The Fearless Fighter - Airplanes and RocketsBy Walter Musciano. That's the byline on a new book, "Werner Voss, The Fearless Fighter," published by Hobby Helpers Library. Walt's control line plans for Voss' DR.I World War One Fokker Triplane appeared in our March 1960 issue (and on Hobby Helper's Group Plan #360).

In addition to the story of the youthful daredevil pilot, this booklet contains 25 photos with illuminating data on Voss, his family, and the airplanes he flew. The remarkable Voss was famous for such exploits as fighting singlehanded a flight of advanced English pilots for ten minutes and putting bullets through every one of their aircraft.

World War One "buffs," air historians, and scale modelers should be delighted to know that the following titles by Musciano in addition to "Werner Voss, The Fearless Fighter" are in production by Hobby Helpers Library: "A. Raymond Brooks, Yankee Ace, William Barker, World's Greatest Fighter Pilot" (there's a title that should stir up some real arguments!), and "George Guynemer, Idol of France." $1.50 each.

FLASH from George Harris. George is responsible for that magnificent radio controlled Spitfire in our February 1962 issue. He spotted a "goof" on the plans: "The 1/8" ply nose plate is too big for the spinner and should be 3 1/2"-diameter outside. I thought I had all the drawings of my earlier and larger Spit safely hidden while I was tracing, but apparently got the old nose plate by mistake. Hope nobody shoots me!"

Nope, George, we're certain no one will enter a serious complaint...especially in light of the tremendous interest shown in that R/C Spitfire. Hobby Helpers says they were (1) swamped with initial orders for the full size plans, and (2) inundated with complaints when they couldn't ship out same immediately. It wasn't HH's fault, fans; we were (1) slow in retrieving the drawings from the printer and (2) getting them to Hobby Helpers.

Harris' model was displayed by Sterling Models at the aforementioned hobby-trade show (held annually in Chicago in cold-windy February); it drew raves from the most blasé buyer. We predict a great future for this Sterling kit as well as old friend George ("Sassy Saucer") Hams.

AHC's latest "Bargain Bulletin" - Airplanes and RocketsControline Model Plans Book - Airplanes and RocketsBig Doings at AHC. Speaking of being inundated...America's Hobby Center (146 W. 22nd St., New York 11, N. Y.) has been busy and ever (1) combing through their vast inventory for special sales items and (2) turning over the printing presses to produce two booklets small in size A-B-C of Model Building and Flying - Airplanes and Rocketsbut big in the info-data department.

AHC's latest "Bargain Bulletin" has interesting price combos on all kinds of kits and powerplants, supplies and accessories. Lots of illustrations. It's yours by sending request and unused 4 cent stamp to AHC at address above.

"A-B-C of Model Building and Flying" and "Controline Model Plans Book," both 64-page compendiums offered by AHC, are jam-packed with info. Handy 3 1/2" x 5 1/4" size fits the pocket. Material was condensed from books originally selling for $2 apiece, so need we say more about value? Two-bits (25 cents) each from AHC.

Tatone's newest; aluminum tube fuselage - Airplanes and Rockets

Tatone's newest; aluminum tube fuselage.

Almost Forgot! One gets so "wound up" over the once-a-year model industry biz show that it's easy to overlook such mundane items as photo captions. No excuses, we know.

Anyhoo-o-o, our lead photos introduce John Tatone's latest free flight contest model. Fuselage is an aluminum tube, highly polished (Gene Pond pix).

Our curmudgeon-type mind, while admiring John's artistry (he's a jeweler's jeweler), started reflecting on the AMA "builder-of-model" requirement. We found in the Academy's rule book this: "The Contest Director shall make every reasonable effort to assure himself that each flyer has completely 'constructed' the model(s) he uses in competition, including the covering where used, with 'constructed' to be interpreted as the action required to complete a model starting with no more prefabrication than the amount used in the average kit."

We're not picking on John, whom we like and whose models we always admire. His aluminum tube fuselage was preceded by other folks' fiberglass fishing rod towline glider bodies, anyway. And these were never barred from contests. Looking farther along in the AMA rules we found the escape clause: "Materials and design may be obtained from any source, including kits." Okay, I go to a sporting goods store and get my f-g pole for my glider fuselage, and I go to a building supply firm and get my aluminum tube for my free flight!

Al Vela, another West Coaster who builds beautiful F/F jobs - Airplanes and RocketsAl Vela, another West Coaster who builds beautiful F/F jobs, is pictured with his newest Class C design. It mounts a Torp 35 (Series 61) using a 10/4 prop. Really goes up, reports Dick Everett..."good for a sure 5 minutes on 15-second motor run."

Goodbye and Thanks to MMFF. Advises Ted Clodius of the New York (N.Y.) Mirror newspaper: "Because of a dearth of entries from younger contestants, the New York Mirror announces that the Model Flying Fair, a fixture for 15 years, has been cancelled for 1962."

Since the MMFF was a part of the Mirror's year-round youth activity promotion, we can understand why a lack of Junior participants would result in the affair being dropped. Rather than just say "what a pity," let's give the Mirror and its staff a rousing cheer for 15 eye-opening meets. Directors have included Leon Shulman and Art Hasselbach (Consolidated Models). But it was Clodius and his crew that worked for months each year on meet details, amassing "hardware" and arranging full-scale airshows.

Second Thought. Press-time note from Howard McEntee concerns his Double-Bubble (see page 16): "Since my model is fairly heavy - lots of dope - and the old Pee Wee was getting tired, I tried it with a Tee Dee .02 (and prop specified in article for T.D.). Much faster climb, could use a little more downthrust than shown for P.W. So Tee Dee might be considered if weight goes over 11-oz."

Interesting Lead? Headline and opening paragraphs in New York World-Telegram and Sun story via Associated Press: "Junk Man's Daughter Gives the Air to Heir. London - She's a junk dealer's daughter, but she's given the air to Lord Rennell's heir. Explained sultry, blonde Nina Hobbs, 21...'He didn't pay me enough attention. He was much more interested in model airplanes.'''

Spearhead Free Flight Airplane Plans - Airplanes and Rockets

Spearhead Free Flight Airplane Plans



Posted January 16, 2023
(updated from original post on 7/27/2013)

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