March / April 1964 American Modeler
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March/April 1964 American Modeler

March / April 1964 American Modeler magazine cover Table of Contents

These pages from vintage modeling magazines like American Aircraft Modeler, American Modeler, Air Trails, Flying Aces, Flying Models, Model Airplane News, & Young Men captured the era. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.


March / April 1964

Vol. 61, No. 2


Plane on the Cover: French MATRA MOYNET M-360 "Juptier" has fore and aft 200-hp Lycoming IO-360-A1A's, seats 5. All-metal construction; retractable gear. Span 35.42'; length 25.81'; height 7.94'; empty weight 2,250-lb; gross weight 3,630; max gross weight 3,806; top speed 212-mph; cruises 197-mph on 65% power at 10,000'; lands at 65' take-off run over 50' obstacle, 1,397'; rate of climb 1,458'/min; climb on 1 engine 492'/min; service ceiling 22,468'; range 930-mi.


Matra Moynet M-360 via Howard Levy 5
Scalecraft & Finish by Paul Plecan 6
Control Line Capers by William (Wild Bill) Netzeband 10
Frank's "Tony" Stunter by Frank Lee Warburton 12
World T/L Glider, F/F, Wakefield Championships
by H. J. Nicholls
Stark Shark R/C Class II & III Winner by Dick Allen 32
Drag Championships by Rich Palmer & Dick Schwarzchild 39
Miniaturized Transistor Transmitters (Part 1) 40
A Trio Named Williams 43
Western Roundup with Dick Everett 44
Club Chatter by Rosalie Vanzant 46
What Goes On At Those Radio Control Conferences? 48
It Takes A Heap O' Equipment To Bring Home The Record 52
Everything Under (Radio) Control by Howard McEntee 56
Rivets Profile Goodyear Racer by George Funk 62
Hints & Kinks by Roland 64
Auto Show 68
Rocket Trails by G. Harry Stine 84
Republic Aviation's "Bikini" Recon Drone 92
Showcase: New, Novel, Interesting Products For Modelers 94


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