Snoopy Wind-Up Alarm Clock Restoration

Evapo-Rust Non-Hazardous Rust RemoverBeing very far-sighted, having a modern alarm clock next to the bed with large LED numbers is a great convenience for seeing the time at night. However, I have always hated the electronic alarm sound and neither do I want music since it tends to put me back to sleep. The old fashioned wind-up mechanical alarm clocks did the job quite handily, and I missed having such a clock after many decades of doing without. So, I decided to look for a Peanuts-themed clock from the 1960s or 70s. This Snoop alarm clock came up for bid on eBay, and I picked it up for under $10, probably because the seller said it did not work. He was correct that it didn't work in its selling condition. However, I disassembled the entire clock and soaked it in Evapo-Rust for about half a day, took it out, rinsed, dried, and oiled it, and the clock has been keeping perfect (enough) time ever since. Only one set of winder handle and adjuster knob came with it, but fortunately I had a similar West German alarm clock available to 'borrow" a second set from.

See below for an interesting (to me, anyway) anecdote of Peanuts irony.


Snoopy Wind-Up Alarm Clock (front) - Airplanes and RocketsSnoopy Wind-Up Alarm Clock (back) - Airplanes and RocketsSnoopy Wind-Up Alarm Clock (top) - Airplanes and Rockets


Snoopy Wind-Up Alarm Clock (before soaking in Evapo-Rust) - Airplanes and Rockets


Snoopy Wind-Up Alarm Clock


Snoopy Wind-Up Alarm Clock with Comic Strip - Airplanes and Rockets


"Peanuts: The Art of Charles M. Schulz" - Airplanes and RocketsLast night, whilst reading through the book Peanuts: The Art of Charles M. Schulz, I stopped for a moment to reach over and wind the Snoopy alarm clock. Immediately after setting it back down on the night stand, I turned the page and the comic strip above was at the top of the page. Is that an incredible bit of irony or what?

Peanuts Memorabilia:



Posted January 25, 2014