Russian and French Scale Jet Planes
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May 1956 Young Men
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Russian and French Scale Jet Planes

They Really Fly !

A great deal of time and effort has been devoted to Jetex-powered models of the contest and sailplane variety in the past few years, and very little to scale models. In this respect many model builders are missing the boat as Jetex engines are uniquely adaptable to scale models of jet fighters and similar aircraft. The Jetex #50 engine, for instance, is small enough to be completely covered and easily cooled, yet gives enough power to fly a model at a fast clip. Using the Jetex #50 engine as a starting point, a number of scale models of current jet fighters were built with spans of from 8" to 12". The models were of all-balsa construction and were designed to combine accurate scale with the maximum of flying pleasure. To all outward appearances they look like solid display models. In general both straight-wing and swept-wing types perform equally well in flight. This puts the majority of today's jet fighters within reach of the model builder as possible prototypes.

- By Richard M. Bueschel

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