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June 1960 Aero Modeller

June 1960 Aero Modeller

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These pages from vintage modeling magazines like Flying Aces, Air Trails, American Modeler, American Aircraft Modeler, Young Men, Flying Models, Model Airplane News, R/C Modeler, captured the era. All copyrights acknowledged.

It's not hard to guess where the trees from Equado Balsawood were harvested. Whereas her in the U.S. we had major balsa suppliers like Pactra, Sig, and Midwest, the Brits and other Europeans had their own suppliers. Equado was one of the prime companies of the mid last century for the continent. Goods did not flow quite as freely or abundantly between nations as they do today.

Former location of Equado Balsawood (Google Map) - Airplanes and RocketsInterestingly, if you look up the street address of Equado Balsawood, a business of E. Law & Son (Timber) Ltd., you will find a building with a sign stating "Champion for Timber," whose website is www.championtimber.com . According to their About Us page, the company has been doing business for 80 years, which puts their founding date back somewhere around 1936. It does not say on Champion's website that they began life as E. Law & Son, but other sources confirm it.

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Equado Balsawood

Supplies the World!

More and more satisfied clients the world over receive their regular shipments of fine balsawood used by modellers everywhere. Equador balsawood is supplied in metric and English sizes

Trade Price Lists on Application to Sole Manufacturers and Shippers

E. Law & Son (Timber) Ltd.

272274 High Street Sutton

Surrey VIGilant 8291-2


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