August 1971 American Aircraft Modeler
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August 1971 American Aircraft Modeler

August 1971 American Aircraft Modeler magazine cover Table of Contents

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August 1971

Volume 73, Number 2

Cover Photo

The rare P·63F Kingcobra. This Air Force fighter has been in civilian use for many years. Imagine having one of your own. Alvin T. George, Atlanta, loves it. Photo by Jim Sullivan was taken at Gastonia, N.C., antique fly-in.

NOTE: The caption error is in the original magazine TOC. (hat tip to Doug S.)


Hobby Lobby Advertisement 11
The Douglas Mailplane, Gabriel A. Bedish, Jr.
Hot Canary, Bob Seigelkoff
Pogo, Bob Morse
Coupled Flaps and Elevators, by Fred Marks
Revolution in Aerobatics - the Acrostar, by Don Berliner
Flying Fortress, by Robert Buenzly 30
The Ryan ST's 'Ugly' Cousin, by Don Berliner 32
Cirrus, by Dr. Walter A. Good 36
For the Tenderfoot: Tenderfoot Trimotor, by Bill Hanna 48
On the Scene: Washington, D.C., Series 71, RC Car Race 12
Junior Open Workbench, by Joe Klause 25
The Zero Displacement Engine, John G. Burdick 29
Where the Action Is 38
EK'S Little Red Brick Three Channel Flies Don Brown's Cardinal, by Fred Marks 53
Getting Started in RC, by Howard McEntee 54
RC World Championship Details 59
President's Memo, Officer Biographies 61
AMA News Bits 63
AMA News Extra 65
Contest Calendar 66
Editorial - Straight and Level, by William J. Winter 6
Modeler Mail - Letters to the Editor 8
New Products Checklist 46
Classified Advertising 98
Quality Hobby Shops 98


August 1971 American Aircraft Modeler Table of Contents - Airplanes and Rockets




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