July / August 1966 American Modeler
Table of Contents

July / August 1966 American Modeler

July/August 1966 American Modeler magazine cover Table of Contents

These pages from vintage modeling magazines like Flying Aces, Air Trails, American Modeler, American Aircraft Modeler, Young Men, Flying Models, Model Airplane News, R/C Modeler, captured the era. All copyrights acknowledged.


July /August 1966

Vol. 63, No. 4


A Statement of Policy 4
Arrow Sportby Howard Levy 6
No Strings Attachedby Larry Conover 8
Versatile Phantom 11
Windmillby Dallas Armstrong, Jr. 16
Cesar Milaniby Henry J. Nicholls 20
Control-Line Aerodynamics Made Painless, by Bill Netzeband 22
Case of the Wandering Bellcrank, by Walter Williamson 26
Spitfire MK VIIIby Walter Musciano 27
Radio Control World, by Howard McEntee 30
One Day Wonder, by Jack Dietrich 34
New For RC 38
Glossary of Technical Terms 40
AMA Welcomes American Modeler 41
What AMA and Modeling Mean to an Astronaut 42
Radio Control Judging at the Nationals 43
AMA Teams Ready for the World Championships 44
Sorry We Had to Let You Go 44
World's Biggest Meet 45
Directory of AMA Officers 46


Table of Contents for July / August 1966 American Modeler - Airplanes and Rockets


William J. Winter, Editor

Edward C. Sweeney, Jr., Assoc. Ed.

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Willis Brown, Education; Larry Conover, Free Flight; Howard Levy, Modern Planes; Howard McEntee, Radio Control; William Netzeband. U-Control; G. Harry Stine, Rockets; H. A. Thomas, Sketchbook; Rosalie Vanzant, Clubs.

Copyright © 1966 by Potomac Aviation Publications Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A.

American Modeler is published bi-monthly by Potomac Aviation Publications Inc., 1012 Fourteenth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005. William J. Winter, Publisher; Gordon G. Crowder, Vice President and Treasurer; Edward C. Sweeney. Jr., Secretary. American Modeler Business Manager, Norman J. Ward.



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