Midget Motor Mania - Vintage Model Car Racing Video

Midget Motor Mania - Vintage Model Car Racing Video - Airplanes and Rockets"Adventures of a Newsreel Cameraman" was a series of short documentary films produced by 20th Century Fox in the 1930s. They covered topics including the relatively new technologies of airplanes, rockets, and electronics. The video is posted on YouTube by The Best Radio Controlled Car Reviews website titles it "History of Radio Controlled Cars Classic and Vintage RC Cars," which is a misnomer because there is nothing about R/C in the film (thanks to them, anyway). It does have some cool footage about tethered and free running model cars on an constrained track.

From the opening screen of the Midget Motor Mania video:

"Give a boy or a man a motor, and the battle of skill and daring against the power of machines brings out fast and furious action, also the NEWSREEL CAMERAMAN."

Midget Motor Mania



Posted January 12, 2017