R/C Slope Soaring Videos

R/C Slope Soaring Videos - Airplanes and RocketsR/C slope soaring is a great way to combine the need for speed and aerobatics with a love of gliders and the benefit of relatively low cost. There is no fuel to buy, no expensive brushless motors and LiPo battery packs (2 or more per model) and no waiting for charging. With today's spread spectrum radios, you can fly for hours at a time without having to wait for a frequency channel to clear. Sure, you can spend big bucks if you really want to, but for $100 for an airplane and a $200 radio system you can be in the air. The biggest challenge to a lot of people is finding a slope with enough wind and a big enough clear area for landing. You can toss the glider from just about any size opening, but you'd better be sure there is a place to land. These videos showcase some of the large variety of models available, from small foam slope combat ships costing under $100 to 1/2-scale monsters that will set you back thousands.

Crazy Slope Aerobatics with a Vortex Tangent

Camera Mounted on Airplane and Ground-Based Camera

Giant Slope Soaring Warbirds

2009 Xevious PSS Festival

South Korea

Very Large Slope Soaring Gliders

1/2-Scale Discus Sailplane

Glider Aerobatics with 4m Fox on Slope

The 3rd OPF Slope Combat Competition, Taiwan

It looks like a swarm of wasps!



Posted March 11, 2012