March / April 1963 American Modeler
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March/April 1963 American Modeler

March / April 1963 American Modeler magazine cover Table of Contents

These pages from vintage modeling magazines like American Aircraft Modeler, American Modeler, Air Trails, Flying Aces, Flying Models, Model Airplane News, & Young Men captured the era. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.


March / April 1963

Vol. 60, No. 2


Plane on the Cover: "Most Interesting Model" of past flying season was title given to Joe Martin's radio controlled XB-47D; used Min-X radio, two K&B 45's; JM's from Warwick, R.I.


"Ephemeris" Class A and FAI Free Flight by R. Jess Krieser 10
Heinkel's Biplane Fighter C/Line Model by Walt Musciano 17
Hannes Trautloft of the Condor Legion by Musciano 17
"HT-50" - Hopped-Up Jetex 21
A Complete Pictorial Rundown on the 1962 World R/C Champs,
Bill Dean
Scalecraft & Finish, by Paul Plecan 50
Sketchbook - Ideas from the Readers 56
Hobby Humor by Roland 66
Rocket Trails: Boost Gliders: Winged "Birds" by G. Harry Stein 80


Table of Contents for March / April 1963 American Modeler - Airplanes and Rockets



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