Hobby Shack Spirit of 76 Glider Kit

Vintage Model Kit Archive

For the benefit of all the aeromodeling community, I have been collecting images of vintage airplane, helicopter, and boat kits which have appeared on eBay and WorthPoint. Over time, it has been a very good source of photos of it boxes and labels, plans, and all the included kit components - balsa, plywood, hardwood, music wire, canopies, and hardware. Hyperlinks to external websites is kept to a minimum because pages disappear frequently. Copyrights, if any, are hereby acknowledged.

This "Spirit of 76" glider from Hobby Shack was another of the models I always planned to buy someday, but never got around to it. Hobby Shack is long gone now, and finding one of these vintage kits is nearly impossible. Now, as then, my funds limit what I can justify buying (and a 920 sq.ft. house limits storage), so I didn't bid on this "Spirit of 76" that showed up a few months ago. This model is particularly memorable since it is named the same as the theme for my Southern Senior High School graduating class yearbook for 1976.

The photos presented here were downloaded from an eBay sale. They typically sell in the $75 to $150 price range when in good condition and all the parts are included. That is very comparable to what a new kit of similar size and complexity would sell for today.










Posted May 27, 2021