Model Aviation Crossword Puzzle #4

Back around 2000, I submitted a few model aviation themed crossword puzzles to the Academy of Model Aeronautics' monthly magazine, Model Aviation. After many months, Mr. Bob Hunt responded saying that he had just assumed the position of editor for the "If It Flies" column, and that he would be interested in publishing the crosswords. So, six of the puzzles appeared in 2001 editions.

Today, while searching through some old files, I ran across the document that I originally submitted, and I figured it might be nice to make them available to visitors to the Airplane and Rockets website. Enough time has gone by now that I hope they don't mind that I have reproduced them here.

Here are links to all of the crossword puzzles:

#1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6

Model airplane Crossword Puzzle #4 - Airplanes and Rockets


1 Strong wood for fuselage doublers

3 Number of wings on a monoplane

4 Boolean operator

6 Joyce _____, AMA Executive Director 1999-2000

8 WWII German aircraft company

14 Model engine manufacturer

15 Windows data-sharing feature

16 The ___ to good flying is smooth control input

17 State in AMA District VIII

18 Statute

21 Circuit board through-hole

22 Edible tuber

24 Label

26 Type of tree likely to be found in AMA District V

27 It's cracked and hangs in AMA District III

28 Metal containers

29 Sweet potato

30 An ardent flyer is this

32 That Extra 300 ___ up the sky

35 Leave this home when you go to the flying field

36 State in AMA District VI

37 Help someone learn to fly

39 Implement for flying off snow

41 Hand launch

42 Prophesy

44 Send to school

45 Personal touch to flying

48 Appendage to the rear of an airplane

49 72 ___ radio control band

51 Radio control

52 One who builds model airplanes professionally


2 Ends of flights

4 River in central Switzerland

5 What an F-18 lands on when asea

6 Rotary wing aircraft

7 Ostrichlike bird

8 Foss

9 Moving stairway

10 It's a nice day, __ I think I'll go flying

11 All of __ kids fly model planes

12 Rear light of an aircraft

13 Streetcar

19 Triple

20 Type of computer error

21 4-cycle engine component

23 Observation

24 Attempt to fly

25 Gymnasium

26 ___-Shooter biplane

28 Group of tents

31 Deal out sparingly

33 Air movement that affects our planes

34 Parody

37 The Golden ___ of Aviation

38 AMA Executive Vice President - 2000

39 Fixed tail surfaces

40 Fly off of this during the winter

43 State in AMA District V

46 Cause to make her first successful landing

47 Balsa that has not been trimmed to length

50 Premier RC magazine

Model airplane Crossword Puzzle #4 Solution - Airplanes and Rockets