Safe Shooting For Your High School Rifle Team
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In the 1950s and even up through around the early 1970s, many public schools had rifle clubs as extracurricular activities for students. Believe it or not, even schools in the big cities - like Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, New York - hosted rifle clubs. I have heard stories from guys who used to take their .22 rifles to school while riding on the subway with them on the way to and from school. Do you recall news reports of the day involving inner city shootings as a result of it? Me neither. This was a generation of kids whose parents fought in World War II and Korea, and were taught respect and courtesy for fellow citizens whose ancestors built the country. The upheaval of the 1960s along with unbridled immigration thereafter led to the society we experience today. Rather than strictly punishing the errant behavior of offenders of America's founding principles, the rest of society has its freedoms and privileges restricted. Today, you cannot carry a Swiss army knife onto a commercial flight because of the actions of radical Islamists who's religion mandates killing infidels at every opportunity, but we dare not offend them with 'profiling.' Now, kids get kicked out of school and put in counseling programs for merely drawing a picture of anything that remotely resembles a gun. I know who to blame for our current state of affairs - do you?

Safe Shooting For Your High School Rifle Team

Safe Shooting For Your High School Rifle Team, July 1954 Air Trails - Airplanes and RocketsShooting is a great sport, yet improper handling of guns causes many accidents each year. More and more high school rifle teams mean a better trained group of safety-conscious young American shooters. One of the best such clubs is composed of Abraham Lincoln High School students in Brooklyn, N. Y., under the tutelage of Mrs. H. Shapiro, reputedly the only woman rifle team coach. Here the boys are taught the art of marksmanship as well as proper care and handling of rifles. Benefits of such a program are obvious. Schools interested in starting rifle teams should contact National Rifle Association, Washington 6, D.C.



Posted January 21, 2017