July 1962 AmericanModeler
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July 1962 American Modeler

July 1962 American Modeler Cover - Airplanes and Rockets Table of Contents
Aeromodeling has seen significant changes over the decades both in technology and preferences. Magazines like American Aircraft Modeler, American Modeler, and Air Trails were the best venues for capturing snapshots of the status quo of the day. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.


July 1962


Volume 58, Number 4


Rocket Trails- We Lead USSR, by Harry Stine 10
Rocket Powered Dyna-Soar, by Paul Del Gatto 12
Cessna OE-2 Marine Observation Plane, by Bob Wischer 16
How to Build Better Wings, by Hal deBolt 28
Bird Watchers! New Species from Canada, by A.J. Robinson 29
AYSC - A Younger Set Competes, by J. Schneider, C. Smith 32
Ryan ST-3 | Army PT-21 | PT-22 Detailed Drawings 33
Sketchbook - Hints & Kinks 42


Table of Contents for July 1962 American Modeler - Airplanes and Rockets



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