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NASA Wants to Build the Most Powerful Rocket That Ever Was

Drone Catches Cheating Students in 'World's Toughest Exam'

NASA Testing an Ultra-Lightweight Cartoonish Drone

Hawaii's 30-Meter Telescope Website Taken Down in Apparent Cyberattack

NASA to Launch Donut-Like Flying Saucer into Space on June 2

Solar Impulse E-Plane Awaits 'Moment of Truth'

10-Engine Electric Plane Prototype Takes Off

What You Need to Know About the Laws of Space

Boat Designers off to a Flying Start

Venus Plane Pushed for Next NASA New Frontiers Mission

SpaceX Gets Certified to Launch NASA Science Missions

Navy Extends UAV Range with 1st In-Flight Refueling

Hubble Space Telescope Marks 25 Years in Orbit

Aeromobil Flying Car Crashes During Critical Test

Drone Claims to Be World's Smallest

NASA's Shape-Shifting Plane Wings Pass Initial Flight Tests

AMA Awards $30,000 to Flying Site Development Improvement Program

Hubble Space Telescope Marks 25 Years in Orbit

Airbus Building Electric Plane Factory

UK 'Airship' Firm Receives €2.5M Funding Boost

Day of the LOCUST: Navy Demonstrates Swarming UAVs

Why Astronomers Hate Lawn-Mowing Roomba

Jeff Bezos' Spaceship Set to Lift off Later This Year

How to Build a Zero (1945)

Rocket Tips Over After SpaceX Recycle Attempt

NASA's New Horizons Probe Delivers First Ever Color Image of Pluto

ULA Wants You to Help Pick Name of New Rocket

Siemens' Full-Scale Electric Airplane Motor

SpaceX Rocket Tips over after ISS Delivery

NASA Details Plans to Fly Spacecraft into Sun's Atmosphere (going at night to not burn up ;-)

Amazon Drone Trial Gets US Regulator Approval

Proton Rocket Launches with Russian Telecom Satellite

Planes Without Pilots

Proton Rocket Launches with Russian Telecom Satellite

Mysterious Mini Space Plane the Next Atlas 5 Payload

New Crater on the Moon Named for Aviator Amelia Earhart

University Wants App for Safe Drone Flying

Night Vision Eye Drops Allow Sight of up to 50m in Darkness

Amazon Drone Trial Gets US Regulator Approval

Pentagon Wants Unhackable Drone Helicopters by 2018

Flying Car Could Go on Sale in 2017

High-Tech Airships Could De NASA's Next Challenge

What Future Army Aircraft Could Look Like

NoFlyZone Aims to Keep Airspace over Your Home Drone-Free

New Titanium-Making Process Could Result in Lighter Aircraft

$344M (€304M) Telescope Will Image the Sun in Unprecedented Detail

Harrison Ford Crash-Lands 1942 Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR on Golf Course

Electric/Hybrid Aircraft Takes Flight

No More UAV Sales in UAE

European Space Plane Flies Around the World on Test Flight

Mini Army Drones Developed

Investors Hot on Drones

Could Passenger Planes Be Tracked More Closely?

Making Civilian Skies Safe for Unmanned Aircraft

Drone Owner Registration Called for by House of Lords

What Makes the Feather Soar

Hubble Telescope Sees Rare 3-Moon Shadow Dance on Jupiter

Europe Launches Space Plane

Unmanned Dragon Spaceship Splashes Down After Supplying ISS

NoFlyZone Aims to Keep the Airspace over Your Home Drone-Free

New Rocket, White Tails in ULA’s Long-Term Strategy

Smithsonian Unveils Armstrong Bag with Apollo 11 Lunar Artifacts

FAA on Drones: Fly But Not That High

Bizarre Plumes on Mars Have Scientists Scratching Their Heads

Europe Launches Space Plane with Eye on Strategic Goal

'Drone Shoot-Down Bill' Advances in Oklahoma

Balloon Pilots Return to New Mexico After Historic Flight

CU-Boulder Pitches Telescope That Could Image at Higher-Res Than Hubble

Balloon Pilots Return to New Mexico After Historic Flight

Romanian Who Claimed he Invented World's 1st Jetpack Dies

'Selfies' Contributed to Cessna 150 Accident

Proliferating Threats Open Door to F-35 Follow-On

Video: Atlas 5 Rocket Blasts Off

Solar Impulse 2 Preps for Round-the-World Flight

Drone Debate to Pose 6 Basic Questions

Russia Successfully Test-Launches New Rocket

Astronomers Seek Widest View Ever of Universe with New Telescope

High-Tech Airships Could Be NASA's Next Challenge

Air Force Facing Critical Shortage of Drone Pilots

Rapere Drone-Killing Drone

High-Tech Airships Could Be NASA's Next Challenge

CES 2015: Why the Future of Drones is up in the Air

Rocket Landing at Sea 'Close, But No Cigar'

Spielberg, Hanks Team up for 8 Air Force Tales

Could Glitter Help Solve NASA's Giant Telescope Problem?

NASA's Kepler Spacecraft Finds First Alien Planet of New Mission

FAA Grants Permits for Agriculture, Real Estate Drones

Airplanes Finally Go Hybrid-Electric

Aircraft Laser Weapon Defenses

Researchers Demo Cyber Defenses for Drones