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Hobby & Technology Headline News Archives - Airplanes and Rockets

If you came to Airplanes and Rockets™ looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

All the News Fit to Link™

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• Flight Simulators Can Bring Sport Aviation to Your Desktop

• Classic Airplanes and Classic Cars Come Together

• Saturn V Was Loud But Didn't Melt Concrete

• Comp Air Announces Composite Kit Airplane

• International Aircraft Dealers Association Offering Aviation Scholarships

• The Clock Ticks on 100LL Avgas

• National Air Traffic Controllers Association Honors Members

• Two Oshkosh Alternative Fly-Ins

• China Publishes Most Detailed Ever Moon Map

• FAA Seeks Input on Beyond Visual LoS for Drones

• 1st Uncrewed Starliner Flight to ISS Successful

• Inflation Hits Avionics Prices

• Tragedy Halts Nebraska STOL Event

• Eyes Above the Horizon Honors Tuskegee Legacy

• Confederation College Announces Aviation Expansion

• 5 Charged in Aviation-Equipment Fraud Case

• UK Planning 165 Mile Drone Superhighway • NASA Equity (not equality) Action Plan to Increase Diversity (equity based not on skills - only physical attributes)

• Chinese Space Junk on 5,800-mph Collision Course with Moon

• Senator Inhofe, Defender of Pilots' Rights, to Retire in 2023

• Top 10 Best Selling Business Jets of 2021

• Ukraine Aircraft Factories Under Threat

• China's Chang'E-5 Detects Water on Moon

• Remembering Aviators Who Died in 2021

• China Upset with Elon Musk and SpaceX

• Palomar Survey Analyzes Impact of Starlink Satellites

• 9 Aviation Resolutions for 2022

• How COVID Killed the Airbus 380

• China Creates Hypersonic Engine Using Abandoned U.S. Design

• Alan Shepard's Daughter Launches on Blue Origin

• China's Chang'e 5 Brought Back Youngest Moon Rocks Ever

• T-7 Program Builds Training System for USAF

• Piper Cherokee Hits Car on Highway

• Reno Air Race Memories

• Glasair Aviation Has Resumed Operations

• Harbor Soaring Society Hopes to Fly Again in Fairview Park

• Latest Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) Measurements

• Model Airplane Builders / Pilots Doubled Down Throughout Wuhan Flu Plandemic

• Saskatchewan Model Aircraft Show Returns to Skies for 2021

• Propulsion System Could Enable Mach 17 Speed

• WV Airports Add >$1.6B to State's Economy

• NASA Clears Boeing Starliner for 2nd Unpiloted Test Flight

• Women in Aviation Announces 2022 Scholarships

• NASA Selects 2 Venus Missions for Launch

• Chinese Astronauts Complete 1st Spacewalk at New Space Station

• Drone Use in Today's Society

• Electric Vehicles Are Booming in 2021

• Virgin Galactic Completes 1st Fully-Crewed Spaceflight

• Trailblazing Woman Pilot, 82, to Fly into Space with Bezos

• Pilots Protest Belarus Military Hijacking of Ryanair Flight 4978

• Triple Tree Aerodrome Event on for September 2021

• Drone Chases down Border Patrol Chopper

• AOPA Awards $1.1M to 2021 Scholarship Winners

• Would a Fighter Pilot Shoot Down a Private Airplane?

• Reno Air Races Announces Performer Line-Ups

• Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins Passes

• China Begins Building Its First Advanced Space Station

• Air Force Spills Some Secrets About Its New Bomber

• RotorWay International Helicopter Sold to Rotor X Aircraft

• Remarkable Aviators Honored During Hoover Presentation

• The Long, Frustrating Saga of the Mole on Mars

• EAA AirVenture Will Look a Little Different This Year

• NASA Test of Mega Moon Rocket Engines Cut Short

• 1966 Surveyor 2 Centaur Rocket Booster Found in Orbit

• Need for Pilots and Technicians Worldwide Continues Despite Wuhan Virus

• Researchers Look to Reduce Rotorcraft Noise

• China's Chang'e 5 Returns Moon Rock Samples to Earth

• Aircraft Electronics Association Awards $100,000 in Scholarships

• Japan May Cut China from Supply Chain for Drones

• Walmart Signs Trio of Drone Deals to Counter Amazon

Pause on Pilot Cadet Programs Leads to Loss and Opportunity

• Boeing's 20-Year Job Prediction Lowered

• NASA Plans for Return to Moon to Cost $28B

• FAA Clears Amazon for Drone Delivery

• Uncover Aviation History by Helping to Transcribe Smithsonian Collections

• Gulfstream to Deliver the Last G550 Next Year

• UK-US Sign Rocket Launching Agreement

• USAF Faces Substantial Shortfall in Unmanned Aircraft Pilots

• James Webb Space Telescope Launch Date Pushed Out Again

• Sporty's Pilot Shop to Match EAA Donations Through July 31st

• EAA Spirit of Aviation Week Runs from July 21st to 25th

• Business Aviation Slowly Comes Back to Life

• Sisters Solo on Same Day, at Same Airport

• How the Curtiss P-40 Got That Wicked Shark Grin

• Airports Hurt by Wuhan Virus Receive Stimulus Money

• Aerion Supersonic Moving Global HQ to Florida

• Chinese Drones Used to Collect COVID-19 Data in U.S. Cities

• U.S. Navy's Drone Fleet Is Growing

• ACLU Attempts to Block Wuhan Flu Baltimore Surveillance Planes

• USAF Hasn't Made Much Progress in Reducing Pilot Shortage

• SpaceX Parachute Test Goes Wrong, Could Affect Schedule

•  DARPA Launch Challenge Closes With No Winner

• SoT Chao Presents Solution for "Mystery Drone" Problem at CES

FAA Investigating BlackBird Air Transportation Service (a la Uber)

Nitrogen Line Explodes at Wichita Beechcraft Plant

Piper Accepting 2020 Apprenticeship Program Applications

• NTSB to End Tourist Helicopter Flights with Open Doors

• Research Highlights Future Hypersonic Flight Challenges

Electric Aircraft in Everyday Flights to Become a Thing Soon

• U.S. Has Paid Russia $4B to Transport Astronauts to ISS (a national disgrace)

• 5 Best Online Aviation Degrees

• Porsche, Boeing Partner on Urban Air Mobility Market

• Making Jet Fuel from Seawater

• NASA, U.S. Industry Aim to Electrify Commercial Aviation

AMA Drone Report

• Honeywell Predicts Single-Pilot Commercial Airline Future

Russia to Give Cosmonauts Guns to Fend off Animals on Landing (and ETs in space)

Model Plane Hobbyists Flying into Mesa Park

James Webb Space Telescope Fully Assembled in California

• 1st FAA-Approved Beyond-Line-of-Sight Drone Flight Completed

Model Airplane History-Maker Maynard Hill Dies at 85

• Chandrayaan 2 Now in Lunar Orbit for Sept. 4 Moon Landing

Hampshire County RC Club Fly-In August 24-25

Chris Kraft, NASA's Legendary Flight Director, Dies at 95

• NASA Taps Companies to Advance Human Lunar Landers

• Has Apollo 10 Lunar Module Been Found?

• Go See an Airshow This Summer

Aviation and Flying Careers

• uAvionix Intros Line of Certified Avionics for Drones

• DHS Warns of Chinese-Made Drones Could Be Stealing Data

Want to Fly a B-25?

AMA Drone Report 04/25/19

• The Surprising Missions of the Civil Air Patrol

• Planes of Fame Airshow at Chino, May 4-5

• Reno Chosen as Test Site for Drone Traffic Management

• 15 Reasons Why Teaching Millennials to Fly Is Tough

• Accelerated Airline Pilot Training Program Takes Off

• The Solution to Growing General Aviation

• Purdue Alums Create Radio Communications Simulator

• UK Airports Embrace Anti-Drone Tech

• India Approves $1.4B for 1st Manned Spaceflight in 2022

• UK Police Arrest Man and Woman over Gatwick Drone Disruption

• Civil Air Patrol Taps Federal Funds for Training

• >50,000 Drone Applications for Flying in Controlled Airspace

• Aviation Writer Jack Elliott Passes On

• 'Cool' Aviation Careers in Spotlight

• Night Airshow Accident Takes Life of Redline Airshows' Jon Thocker

• Jets Clip Wings at Reno

• Hottest Used Airplane Markets in Many Years

• Neil Armstrong's Moon Space Suit Is Deteriorating

• How Wing Cuffs Work

• At 60, NASA Shoots for Revival of Moon Glory Days

• Estes Industries Announces Ownership Change

• EAA, Balloon Federation of America Announce Joint Effort

• How to Buy a Warbird

• Geico Skytypers Pilot Dies in Long Island Crash

• P–51 Dead-Stick, Off-Airport Landing

Hobby Drones Banned Near Hawaii Volcano

• How Much of the World's Population Has Flown in an Airplane?

• Interior Department Awards 1st Contract for Small UAS Services

FAA: Fly Under the Special Rule for Model Aircraft

WomenVenture Returns to Oshkosh

Time to Change 50-Year-Old Aviation Curriculum

Companies Team to Develop Avionics for Drones

FAA to Discontinue DUATS Program in May

Webb Telescope Launch Delayed Until 2020

Aviation, Social Mobility, and the American Dream

Amazon, Google, Others Developing Private Air-Traffic Control for Drones

AOPA Announces 2018 Scholarship Programs

National Aviation Hall of Fame Reveals Class of 2018

Voyager 1 Fires up Thrusters After 37 Years

>$135,000 in Aviation Scholarships Now Available from EAA

Aviation Explorers Launches Youth Representatives Program

Commercial Airliner Hits Drone in Canada

FAA Seeks 'Emergency' Action on Drones

What's Wrong with Experimental Pilots?

Drone Hits Army Helicopter Flying over Staten Island

Tragedy of Americana: California Wildfire Destroys 'Peanuts' Creator's Home

Drones Deliver Storm Response

Vintage Aviation Publications Acquires Warbirds News

'Strega' Dethrones 'Voodoo' at Reno Air Races

NASA and Industry Take Next Step Toward X-Plane

Senator Wicker Will Help Write Next Chapter of Drone Technology

UK Government's Drone Collision Report Criticised

The Only Jet Fighter Ever to Shoot Down a Satellite

UK to Bring in Drone Registration (U.S. just eliminated registration)

Two Mustangs Have Issues at Duxford Air Show

General Aviation Unites Against ATC Privatization

Drone Rules That Never Became Law

So Much for Those New Drone Registration Rules

Elon Musk Explains Why He Thinks Flying Cars Are a Really Bad Idea

Cash Awards Offered After Drones Disrupt Flights in China

Breakthrough in Battery Charging Technology

Canada Imposes Strict New Rules for Recreational Drone Use

NASA Selects >100 Small Business Projects to Advance Space Innovation

Walmart to Use Drones in Store to Assist Shoppers

Women of AOPA Offer Advice to Future Female Pilots

Reaction Strong to President Trump's ATC Budget Language

Seattle Man Jailed for Hitting Woman with Drone

WASP's 100th Birthday to be Celebrated

Flame Retardant in Li-Ion Batteries Could Quench Fires

Japan's Low-Cost Rocket Fails at 1st Launch

Report Outlines Risks for Drones Flying Beyond Line of Sight

21 HS Students Win AOPA Scholarships

RC Planes Take Flight in Dayton

Register for the UAS4STEM Search & Rescue Challenge!

Ouch! Going to Space Is Bad for Astronauts' Backs

Lithium-Metal Battery Doubles Energy Density of Existing Technology

AOPA Announces >$156k in Scholarships

Russian Hypersonic Glider Can Penetrate Any Missile Defense

National Museum of the USAF Opens 4th Building

Army Mulls Hybrid Electric for Next Gen Drones

Unusual Alloy Brings Magnesium-Ion Batteries Closer

Georgia Tech Student Designs Fuel-Cell Plane

India Performs Successful Space Shuttle Test Launch

Airbus Awarded Patent for 293 mph 'Hypercopter'

British Drone-Freezing Ray Gets U.S. Airports Trial

Thunderbirds, Blue Angels Have Accidents on Same Day

Low-Boom Supersonic Jet in Development

FAA Grants 1st Approval for Night Commercial UAV Flights

Robot Bee with Electrostatic Adhesion Pad

Japan Succeeds in Test Flight of 1st Stealth Fighter Jet

First Flight: Diamond Aircraft's DART-450 

Introducing People to General Aviation

Discovery May Help Engineers Design Quieter Jet Airplanes

California Declares April 'Aviation Awareness Month'

Airbus Patent Reveals Latest Design for Mach 4.5 SST

Drone Laws Tightened in Japan As Police Deploy Air-to-Air Take-down Unit

B-17 Flying Fortress to Join Collings Foundation

Subscale Glider Makes 1st Flight

Robinson R66 Passes Long-Awaited Snow Test

Solar Impulse Airplane Fully Funded

Airplane Safety System Proposes Escape Capsule for Civil Aircraft

Texas Billionaire's Supersonic Jet Advances with Factory Plans

U.S. Prisons Looking for Drone-Killing Systems

Dream Chaser Preps for 2nd Free-Flight Test and First Orbital Test

Single-Digit Data Entry Glitch Led to Plane Tail Strike

UK Astronaut Dreams of Heavenly Christmas Pudding

NASA Reveals Successful Test of 'Impossible' Fuel-Free Engine

World View's Balloon-Based Space Tourism to Lift off in 2017

Drone Crash Causes Hollywood Electricity Blackout

Thousands of Photos from NASA's Apollo Missions Uploaded Online

World View's Balloon-Based Space Tourism to Lift off in 2017

FAA to Impose Drone Registration Rules by End of 2015

China Launches New Type of Carrier Rocket

Man Shoots down Neighbor's Drone for 'Watching His Wife'

FAA Proposes Nearly $2 Million Fine to Drone Operator for Restricted Flights

After Government Green Light, Commercial Drones Set to Take Off

Bezos to Locate Commercial Rocket Base in Florida

Secrets of Soviet Space Race Come to London

Airports Test Unmanned Traffic Control Towers

Anti-Drone Defense Revealed in London

AMA Youth Membership Reaches 50,000

Drone Tests Flexible Wings for Reducing Sonic Booms

DARPA's Gremlins Could Cut Costs of Attack Drones

FAA Releases B4UFLY App Beta Test for UAS Users

Sony / Aerosense R/C VTOL Maiden Flight

Space Station Astronaut Takes Stunning Aurora Photo

Hypersonic Passenger Planes a Reality by 2030

National Air and Space Museum Raises $720,000 to Save Spacesuits

Pentagon Plans to Boost Drone Flights by 50%

AMA to FAA: Hold Irresponsible 'Drone' Operators Accountable

How to Knock Down Drones with Loud Noises

NASA Tests the 'Ferrari of Rocket Engines' for Mission to Mars

Greenwich Prime Meridian Has Moved 334 Feet (102 Meters)

UAS Autonomous Human Personal Transport

2015 AMA Nats News Wrap-up

Man Comes Forward After Woman Knocked Out by Drone

Boeing to Continue Work on Developing XS-1 Reusable Hypersonic Unmanned Spacecraft

Long Island Man Parks Plane in Driveway

433 Hot Air Balloons Soar into the Record Books

EM Rocket Drive Could Get to Moon in 4 Hours

AltusMetrum - Open Source Hardware & Software for High-Powered Model Rockets

Dreams of Legally Slapping Drones out of the Sky May Come True

Microsoft Open-Sources Its Worldwide Telescope

Downsized Rutan Designs at Oshkosh

Spain and Chile Will Host Next-Generation Gamma-Ray Observatory

Battery Damage Grounds Solar Impulse 2 Until 2016

U.S. Astronomers Call for Space Telescope with 12m Mirror (Hubble is 2.4m)

Homebuilt Aircraft Designer Jim Bede Passes at 82

Commercial Drones at the Cusp

Tiny Man-Carrying Electric Plane Flies (w/video)

Airbus E-Fan All-Electric Plane Crosses English Channel (w/video)

Utility Drones Could Inspect Equipment, Scan for Outages

USA Today: "FAA Rules Clip Hobbyists' Wings"

Solar Impulse 2 Lands in Hawaii

Drone Owner Comes Forward After Knocking out Woman

NASA Prototypes Drone Aircraft Destined for Mars

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Anomaly Apparently in Booster's 2nd Stage

Airline World's Tiny secret: Infatuation with Model Planes

Russia Tested Hypersonic Glide Vehicle in February

Solar Impulse Japan to Hawaii Flight Postponed Again

Plane Sailing: The Seaplane of the Future?

Jack King, 'Voice of NASA,' Dies at 84

Self-Healing Aircraft Wing Technology One Step Closer

Plane Spotting at the Paris Airshow

OKU UAV Woos Paris Air Show

Self-Healing Aircraft Wing Technology One Step Closer

Silent Flight: Developing Hybrid Aircraft

2015 AMA Scholarship Winners Announced

Boeing Patents Drone That Can Fly Forever

Google's Solar-Fueled Cyber Drone Crashes

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